Holiday Gift Guide: Wellness & Fitness Gifts

November 21, 2016

Click the + icon to find the product online! We all know that while the holiday season is a time of feasts and gathering, the end of one year and beginning of the...

5 Ways to Build Healthy Habits

March 22, 2016

This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as a part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. Even though it’s been several months since we all buckled down and created our resolutions for...

Healthy Snacks That Are Easy to Pack

February 16, 2016

Working healthy snacks into your meal plan will help keep you full while eating clean. Check out these snacks that are easy to pack for work or school.

Lily Cup Review & My Menstrual Cup Experience

January 25, 2016

When you think about your period, what type of emotions are triggered? Disdain, disgust, pain? What if I told you there was something that could actually make your time of month so manageable,...

Review: Teami 30 Day Detox Pack

November 11, 2015

Does anyone else get a little lax on their diets around this time of year? Yeah, me too. All of the sweet baked goods and festive drinks just get to me. After a...

3 Ways to Detox this Summer

July 15, 2015

Summer can mean one of two things for most people: when you use your extra free time to get active outdoors while soaking in the sun, or sit inside miserable from the heat...

bkr: A Health, Beauty & Fashion Staple

May 14, 2015

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that beauty starts from within. I’m not just talking about self-esteem, I’m talking literally: drinking enough water keeps your body and its beauty in...

Healthy Honey Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe

March 11, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22… Yep, it’s pretty much mandatory to belt that song on your 22nd birthday… which is today for me, woohoo! You know what that means…...

Chia Water: The Benefits of Chia Seeds without the Seeds

February 5, 2015

I’m always on the hunt for delicious ways to stay healthy. I like incorporating tasty “super foods” into my diet (I’m obsessed with avocado and sweet potatoes), but one that has eluded me...

My Beauty, Health and Wellness Resolutions + GIVEAWAY

January 1, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Wow, 2015. Shouldn’t there be flying cars by now? (Although that would hardly solve the traffic problems in Los Angeles.) I already know there are great things in store this...

Experts Reveal Best and Worst Foods for your Skin

April 15, 2014

Homemade, prescription, drugstore and high-end… there are so many different remedies for blemishes and problem skin. If you haven’t found a treatment that works for you yet, you may want to start the...

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