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The Ultimate Taylor Swift Eras Tour Outfit Idea Guide

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January 23, 2023

Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, kicking off in just a couple months, celebrates the evolution of her music and style. Each of her albums has a distinct aesthetic, but with over 15 years of outfit inspiration, trying to choose what to wear to The Eras Tour may feel overwhelming!

If you’ve been trying to decide what to wear to The Eras Tour, you’re in the right place. Keep scrolling for outfit inspiration for each of Taylor’s eras, entirely made up of fashion finds from Amazon.

Debut Era Outfits

Collage: Taylor Swift Debut Era Outfit Ideas from Amazon | What to Wear to The Eras Tour | Slashed Beauty

LINKS: Floral Sundress / Pattern Sundress / White Maxi Dress / Black Cowboy Boots / Green Off Shoulder Maxi Dress / Brown Cowboy Boots / Blue Tulle Mini Dress / Black Halter Dress

Taylor Swift’s Debut era was largely casual, with her often seen sporting a short sundress and cowboy boots both on stage and off.

The green off shoulder maxi dress is a nod to Taylor’s dress in the “Teardrops On My Guitar” music video, where the blue tulle mini dress resembles the corset and tutu she wears in the “Our Song” music video.

The black halter dress references Taylor’s first appearance at the American Music Awards in 2007, where she wore a similar (but bejeweled) dress with tall black cowboy boots.

Fearless Era Outfits

LINKS: Silver Fringe Dress / Renaissance Cosplay Dress / Silver Ombre Sequin Dress / Champagne Off Shoulder Chiffon Dress / Layered Gold Beaded Necklace / Off Shoulder Corset Top / White T-Shirt / Costume Glasses / Fabric Markers

When performing live during her Fearless era, Taylor favored flashy fringe and sparkling sequins, most often in silver or a silver and black combination.

However, coming off the success of “Love Story,” we also saw live performances in full costume to reflect the Shakespearean theme of the music video. For a more subtle reference, try this flowy off-shoulder gown, or simply a corset top.

Another iconic Taylor Swift look from the Fearless era comes from the “You Belong With Me” music video, where she sports a homemade t-shirt with signatures of her friends doodled all over. This is something you can easily DIY using fabric markers– just don’t forget the large black frame glasses to complete the look!

Speak Now Era Outfits

Collage: Taylor Swift Speak Now Outfit Ideas from Amazon | What to Wear to The Eras Tour | Slashed Beauty

LINKS: Purple Halter Dress / Gold Fringe Dress / Red Swing Dress / Gold Ombre Sequin Dress / Red Maxi Dress / Sparkle Purple Cocktail Dress / Thigh High Socks / Pleated Skirt / White Button Down Blouse / Brown Striped Tie

Taylor’s Speak Now era can largely be summed up into three colors: purple, red, and gold.

Taylor wears a flowy purple dress on the original Speak Now album cover, which was later edited into red for the Deluxe Edition. Throughout the Speak Now tour, she wore a purple A-line halter dress along with gold and black fringe dresses.

Outfits resembling school uniforms were also a strong aesthetic during this era, not only in the “The Story of Us” music video, but also in Taylor’s personal style. She was regularly photographed wearing pleated skirts, knee high socks and button downs.

Red Era Outfits

Collage: Taylor Swift Red Outfit Ideas from Amazon | What to Wear to The Eras Tour | Slashed Beauty

LINKS: Black Wool Fedora / Red Heart Sunglasses / Not A Lot Going On Tee / Lace Turtleneck (sold out – similar) / Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipstick / Gold Sequin Cropped Tee / Faux Leather High Waisted Shorts / Bow Tie Long Sleeve Blouse / Red High Waisted Shorts

If you were on Tumblr between 2012-2014, you’re probably intimately familiar with the Red era aesthetic. Probably the easiest to dress for, it’s mostly made up of black and white outfits with red accents– particularly red lipstick.

Also prominent during this era were black fedoras, red heart sunglasses and high waisted shorts. The gold sequin shirt and red shorts combo is inspired by Taylor’s Jingle Ball performance at Madison Square Garden in 2012.

1989 Era Outfits

Collage: Taylor Swift 1989 Outfit Ideas from Amazon | What to Wear to The Eras Tour | Slashed Beauty

LINKS: Sequin Jacket / Rhinestone Bustier / Purple Metallic Skirt / Pom Poms / Cropped Tank Top Bra / Blue Pleated Skirt / Hair Bow / White Sneakers / Orange Tube Top / Hot Pink Maxi Skirt

We got a lot more color back during Taylor’s 1989 era. During her 1989 Tour, she wore a multi-colored sequin jacket over a black bustier with various metallic skater skirts every night.

The “Shake It Off” music video provides a ton of outfit inspo, but my personal fave is the cheerleader costume, which is super easy to recreate.

One of Taylor’s most popular red carpet outfits is from this era, when she paired an orange bandeau top with a flowy fuchsia skirt at the 2016 Grammys– it was simple, but made a statement!

Reputation Era Outfits

LINKS: Cropped Cut Out Hoodie / Fishnet Top / Snake Ring / Snake Choker / Geometric Mesh Bodysuit / Black Fringe Skirt / Faux Leather High Waisted Shorts / Rhinestone Sheer Bodysuit / Knee High Combat Boots / Lace Bodysuit (plus only)

Taylor’s style took a hard left turn during her Reputation era, bringing us an edgy side we hadn’t seen before, with almost exclusively all-black looks.

Common themes to her Reputation outfits were bodysuits, snake motifs, cropped hoods, and layered outfits with fishnets or other sheer fabrics.

Despite the departure from what we had been used to seeing her in, Taylor still worked in some of her signature style choices like sequins, rhinestones, fringe, and lace… just in black.

Lover Era Outfits

Collage: Taylor Swift Lover Outfit Ideas from Amazon | What to Wear to The Eras Tour | Slashed Beauty

LINKS: Yellow Cropped Tee / Tie Dye Biker Shorts / Patterned Blazer / Pink Sequin Bra / Pearl Cat Eye Sunglasses / Pearl Heart Earrings / Pink Two Piece Set / Fuchsia Faux Fur Coat / Tie Dye Faux Fur Coat / Thigh High Rhinestone Heels

A major 180 after Reputation, pastel pinks and blues– particularly tie dyed together– is a huge theme of Taylor’s Lover era.

With Lover being released just before the pandemic, the album’s tour was cancelled… but not before we got a ton of outfit inspo from a few red carpets, performances and music videos.

During her 2019 Wango Tango performance, she sported tie dye shorts with a yellow tee. At the 2019 VMAs, she paired a boldly patterned blazer with a pink sequin bustier and thigh high boots. And of course, there’s the “You Need to Calm Down” music video, which she spends mostly in a pastel pink two-piece under a fluffy fuchsia coat with pearl accessories.

Folklore Era Outfits

Collage: Taylor Swift Folklore Outfit Ideas from Amazon | What to Wear to The Eras Tour | Slashed Beauty

LINKS: Beige Oversized Cardigan / Gingham Bodycon Dress / Cropped Polo Shirt / Beige Tiered Midi Dress / Plaid Pea Coat / Plaid Trousers / Knit Oxford Shoes

Despite being released in the summer, the Folklore era gave us sad girl autumn vibes in both music and style.

Main themes of Folklore outfits include beige and brown, stripes and plaid, with the occasional smock-style dress thrown in. And of course: cardigans.

This would be a great era to choose if you’re attending The Eras Tour early or late into its run, when the weather may still be chilly from winter or cooling down after summer.

Evermore Era Outfits

Collage: Taylor Swift Evermore Outfit Ideas from Amazon | What to Wear to The Eras Tour | Slashed Beauty

LINKS: Green Velvet Hooded Cape / Brown Corset Crop Tank / Red Layered Tulle Skirt / Black Turtleneck / Long Plaid Jacket / Floral Pearl Headband / Lace Maxi Dress

Taylor’s Folklore and Evermore eras have a lot of crossover in themes and visuals, with the “sister albums” released just 5 months apart.

One distinct look from the Evermore album cover is Taylor’s long orange and black plaid peacoat and single french braid in her hair.

The “Willow” music video provides two more Evermore outfits to recreate: a lace maxi dress paired with a pearl headband, and the storybook-inspired green cape ensemble.

Midnights Era Outfits

Collage: Taylor Swift Midnights Outfit Ideas from Amazon | What to Wear to The Eras Tour | Slashed Beauty

LINKS: Bejeweled Corset / Yoga Shorts / Striped One-Piece / Red Sequin Shorts / Rhinestone Fishnets / Thigh High Boots / Blue Waffle Knit Top / Orange Ribbed Bell Bottoms / Green Flower Cardigan / Corduroy Pants

While her Midnights era has only just begun, Taylor has given us plenty of outfit inspo to work with.

In the album artwork and press leading up to its release, the Midnights era has a heavy 70s influence. Taylor can be seen wearing corduroy, velvet, and waffle knit textures in shades like pea green, cornflower blue, orange and brown.

In the couple of music videos we have thus far, we see sequins and rhinestones once again. In the “Bejeweled” music video, Taylor wears a black corset and shorts bejeweled in colorful stones. In the music video for “Anti-Hero,” one version of Taylor wears a striped one-piece with high waisted sequin shorts.

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What’s your favorite Taylor Swift era for outfits?

– Miranda

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