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Review: Teami 30 Day Detox Pack

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November 11, 2015

Does anyone else get a little lax on their diets around this time of year? Yeah, me too. All of the sweet baked goods and festive drinks just get to me. After a while, I start feeling bloated and run down, which is when I know I need some damage control. Tea cleanses have always been my favorite way to get my body back on track and jump start healthy habits.

Last month, all-things-pumpkin were definitely taking its toll. I started on the Teami 30 Day Detox program with hopes that it would help me feel renewed and more regular. All of the sugar and fatty foods were also getting to my skin, which tea can also be a great help with! I was so ready to get back to my normal self again.

The detox comes with two types of Teami teas: the skinny loose leaf blend and the colon blend. The skinny blend jumpstarts your metabolism for optimal digestion throughout the day and is supposed to be made every morning during the cleanse. The colon blend helps you flush toxins by cleansing your internal organs (you know what I mean…) and is for every other night.

As a big tea drinker, I didn’t flavor these teas with anything since I appreciate the taste, and didn’t want anything getting in the way of the full effect. The morning Skinny tea definitely helped wake me up each morning by giving me a boost of energy, and overall helped me feel less sluggish throughout the day. One thing I noticed is that I started running very low of the blend before the cleanse was over, as I was overfilling my diffuser with the loose leaf mixture. You only really need a teaspoon of the blend and will still get very flavorful tea!

The Colon blend is what I was equally excited and nervous about when starting the detox. I’ve had cleansing teas before that have made me spend the night in the bathroom in pain… not a good look! The first thing I liked about the Colon blend is that it affects you slowly… you don’t start feeling the need to “go” until about 9 hours later, so you can get your full night’s sleep in undisturbed.

As far as the feeling, it can range from just your typical “needing to go” to pretty strong cramps which I have found depends on what you eat the previous day. When I eat clean, I don’t have much pain and the process is relatively smooth. If I ate junk, the cramps are stronger. It actually works as a little bit of a motivation to eat well while you’re on your detox for the best effect, which is what the brand recommends anyway. Also goes to show how much better your body works when you feed it nutritious meals.

At the end of the cleanse, I could definitely feel a big difference, and could see it too. My pants weren’t feeling as tight anymore, I didn’t feel lazy all day, and I felt that my digestive cycle was on track. It left me with the perfect foundation to buckle down and commit to eating clean this season (with the exception of the actual holidays because let’s get real!). This on top of my Kate Somerville facial also really helped do damage control to my breakouts– they’re almost completely clear now, thank goodness. The Teami 30 Day Detox pack has definitely been the most effective while at the same time less painful tea cleanse I’ve done.

This 30 day pack of two blends costs $49.99, but you can also buy the blends separately on their website.

Have you ever tried a tea cleanse and if so, how were your results?

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