Slashed Beauty is an all-around beauty resource, with reviews, tips, tutorials and news written by Miranda Mendelson highlighting the ability to look fabulous on a budget.

It started when I was a freshman in college. Wait, I have to work for my spending money now? No more splurging at Sephora? I had to budget my money for real-life! Yet, I was not about to give up my obsession with beauty and makeup. Slashed Beauty became a creative way to fuel my makeup addiction on a budget. I wanted to share my findings and tips with others who are just as passionate about the beauty world as I am, and who also want to save a few bucks.

Since its conception, Slashed Beauty has grown tremendously. I was named “Most Buzzworthy” Blogger by Allure Magazine in 2014, and have been featured in many print and online publications. Over the years, I’ve stayed true to my mission of delivering budget beauty tidbits; now and then you’ll see me talk about a splurge item from the perspective of someone who is a compulsive money saver.

On Slashed Beauty, you’ll find:

  • Budget-friendly makeup tutorials
  • Reviews of makeup and beauty products
  • Tutorials to enhance your beauty expertise
  • News about beauty sales and discounts
  • Updates on the beauty industry and brands
  • Commentary on our society’s perception of beauty

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies at California State University, Northridge with a minor in Women’s Studies in 2016. My favorite non-beauty hobby is attending live music events, and I started a Las Vegas concert blog to share my love of live music and concert photography in 2022.

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