bkr: A Health, Beauty & Fashion Staple

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that beauty starts from within. I’m not just talking about self-esteem, I’m talking literally: drinking enough water keeps your body and its beauty in check. Health and outer beauty are so entwined, and staying hydrated can help promote clear and glowing skin, beat bloating, and keep you looking and feeling energized.


I don’t really drink any other beverage besides water anymore. Adam will always take full credit for that. When I met him almost four years ago, I hardly drank water at all. I was a hardcore Diet Coke junkie. I was also overweight, got colds and viruses at least once a month, and had little energy throughout the day. I wholeheartedly believe I was addicted to Diet Coke. I would wake up in the middle of the night craving it, and in high school I would start my mornings with it. Adam thought this was totally bizarre (which, it is) and constantly encouraged me to drink more water.

Fast forward to two years later, when I really made a commitment to treat my body better and get healthy. I completely quit soda cold turkey and water became my only go-to beverage. I know that increasing my water intake made being active easier, helped me lose and keep off weight, and overall transformed me into a healthier version of myself.

So how do I make sure I’m getting my 8 glasses a day? I make sure I’ve always got a bottle with me. Merely having water with you is a really good way to convince yourself to drink it. My other secret trick: make sure your bottle is cute. I know it sounds crazy, but carrying a stylish water bottle makes me excited to have it out and fill it up constantly.


Not all water bottles are made the same, though. And when I discovered the bkr (pronounced beaker), it was like I discovered the little black dress for the first time. It’s my new health and beauty staple that makes a fashion statement.

This water bottle isn’t your run of the mill utilitarian canteen, and the price tag will prove it. But one sip was all it took for me to understand. The glass bottle is housed in a soft yet grippy silicone sleeve that comes in a variety of the season’s trendiest colors. While silicone and I have had a love/hate relationship in the past due to its tendency to trap lint, the bkr’s sleeve is extremely easy to clean, making it easy to brush away dirt. I brought my Bambi Heart bkr to Coachella with me, accidentally dropped it in the dirt, and was able to rub it clean. The sleeve is also really sturdy. I’m able to take it off and put it back on without being afraid of it ripping.


bkrs come in two sizes: 500 mL, which is a good size for on-the-go, and 1 L which I like to keep with me at my desk. The mouth is narrow on both bottles, which is ideal for sipping without splashing… a little luxury I didn’t know would make such a difference.

The bottle itself is made of glass, which I like because you don’t get that plastic taste throughout the day. However, it does give more weight to them. Luckily, another small thing that makes a big impact with these bottles is the slanted loop handle on the cap, which makes it really easy to carry. The cap is also completely leak proof with a rubber stop at the top. When I was in London, I just threw it in my bag without any regard and had absolutely no issues.


I sort of favor my 1L Lola bkr because I know that once I empty it twice, I’ve got my recommended amount of water for the day. I’ve been glued to my bkrs ever since I got them, and while some may find it hard to justify a $35 water bottle, you just have to use it to understand.

With summer coming up, drinking water will be more important than ever. As long as I’ve got one of my bkrs on me, I know I’m good.

How do you make sure you stay hydrated?



  1. OMG I need to have your determination to start drinking more than four glasses of water a day. These are so, so cute. I need the sleeves and the bottles.

  2. I need new water bottles and I rather like the idea of glass over plastic. I’m going to check these out.

  3. Those are so cute!! I’m so much more likely to drink water or really ANYTHING when it’s in a whimsical bottle with designs or sayings.

  4. Oh I love anything with hearts so that’s a great water bottle. I have cut out caffeine from my life so my Diet Coke consumption is way down. I keep decaffeinated in my house for a treat but try not to drink it often.

  5. Wow, good job! Drinking your water, ditching the coke, and being healthy! Props to you! 🙂 These water bottles look awesome!! I love water bottles! LIke, I have a weird obsession with water bottles like you did with coke haha ;P My fav was my VS PINK jug, but it broke last year, and I was SOOOO sad! I will look into these … but I make no guarantees I will spend $35 on it hahaha

  6. Those bottles are awesome looking! Glad you quit Diet Coke, it is nasty and so bad for you.

  7. Quality water bottles do make a difference! The cheap ones seem to get smelly faster, and don’t clean as well, so I stop using them or have to toss them. I have to keep a bottle of water by my bedside at night, so I need something that will last!

  8. I love me some water 🙂 I drink sparkling water instead of soda now but just a good old bottle of water is fine for me. These are too cute I need to check them out!

  9. I’ve heard so many great things about BKR water bottles. It is true that if your bottle is cute and colorful it will entice you to drink more water.

  10. These are so cute… I love it. I love my pepsi but I’m a hardcore water drinker and have to keep up with it or I get really sick… it’s one of those things I developed as a habit thankfully so it’s easy to do. I love this little bottle, definitely so cute for me I think I need one.

  11. I do the same thing with my 32 oz Nalgene! Lately I have been trying to drink 10 to 12 glasses of water a day because of pregnancy. I still indulge in a diet root beer or root beer or sprite at lunch or dinner on occasion, I crave the carbonation; but I am a water girl, too!

  12. I need to drink more water. Maybe a cute travel mug would help. I love hearts!

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