REVIEW: Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette

REVIEW and SWATCHES: Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette | Slashed Beauty

It’s here! The third installment in one of the most popular and affordable palette lines: the Coastal Scents Revealed 3 palette. The brand kept tight-lipped about the new addition to the Revealed family, which is officially available NOW, but I’ve got a first look for you which I hope will help decide if it’ll be one you pick up.

REVIEW and SWATCHES: Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette | Slashed Beauty

As usual, Revealed 3 has twenty shades housed in a super slim cardboard case. Unfortunately, there’s still no mirror on the inside, but the packaging is still study and travel friendly (I’ve brought #2 with me on practically every vacation since its release, and it has held up just fine).

To refresh your memory, the original Revealed palette was full of cool neutrals, and said to include many Naked 1 & 2 Urban Decay dupes. Revealed 2 brought beautiful rose gold and burgundy shades that are still incredibly on trend this season, many of which matched up to the Naked 3 palette.

REVIEW and SWATCHES: Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette | Slashed Beauty

Now, Revealed 3 is a palette all its own: on the bolder side of what you’d think of as neutral shades. Purples and violets dominate this time around, with hints of golds and taupes. We have a good range of shade tones, offering lighter colors for daily looks as well as a good chunk of smoky colors for a more dramatic mood. I also feel that the shade spectrum can work year round for each season.

The palette offers matte, satin and shimmer finish colors. I will take this moment to say that I’m disappointed that there are only three mattes in the entire palette. I’m a firm believer that mattes are a must-have to create a variety of makeup looks, so I was sad that they took them away from us after adding more in Revealed 2.

As far as formula, all shades are silky smooth across the board. The mattes are a bit on the powdery side, but I feel like as a whole, the texture has improved– especially for the shimmer shades.

REVIEW and SWATCHES: Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette | Slashed Beauty(swatched without primer)

The pigmentation of most of the shades were on point, applying with strong color payoff and easy blendability (my computer says that’s not a word… whatever). However, there were a handful of shades that didn’t impress me… namely the lighter shimmers. They do perform slightly better over primer, but either way these will be options I don’t see myself utilizing too heavily, unless on top of another shade. But I won’t let those bring the whole palette down… I mean can we just take a second to appreciate that black? I’ve never seen such a deep, dark, shimmery black. I also love the third shade from the right on the bottom row, which is a unique purple-silver duochrome.

So the big question: do you need it if you already have one (or both) of the other Revealed palettes? Maybe the following comparison will help you decide:

REVIEW and SWATCHES: Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette | Slashed Beauty

As you can see, each palette definitely has its own color scheme going on, with the third being the most versatile in shades in my opinion, with its incorporation of the bold pinks and purples.

I’ll be honest— even though I’m huge on purple eyeshadow (which makes brown eyes pop), I’m not sure I prefer Revealed 3 over 2 (my favorite palette ever), simply because each shade in Revealed 2 performs outstandingly, and so I have a use for them all. However, #2 does sort of limit you do only pink-hued looks whereas Revealed 3 gives you more room to play around, even with the several purples.

The Coastal Scents Revealed 3 Palette is now available online for $19.95, like the other two palettes.

What are your thoughts on Revealed 3 compared to the other two?



    1. Hi Chelle! Ahhh it’s so so so hard to choose but I still love #2 the best because it has more mattes and I’m loving the rosy shades for spring! 🙂 Let me know which one you end up getting!

  1. Love it! I think I still like Revealed 2 the best, but the pink/purples in #3 are very appealing. Would get it just for those.

    1. Yeah I love that it gives you the option of doing a non-neutral eye as well! I used the pinks and purples to do a halo eye today and really love how it came out!

  2. Just received Revealed 3 yesterday. I also own and adore both other Revealed palettes. Colors in Revealed 3 are even more beautiful in person!! Also ordered the smokey eyes brush set which worked out this am when I applied 3 of the new shadows. Very impressed with the quick delivery and quality of products from Coastal Scents. I am becoming a huge fan of their make-up.

    1. Yes, they’ve come a long way and their products are fantastic. Have you tried their Forever blushes!? SOOO pigmented. I’m also a fan of their liquid liner!

  3. Good review! I’m a HUGE Revealed 2 palette fan and was so excited there were a good number of useable mattes in it and was so hoping we’d see the same amount in 3, so I’m slightly disappointed in that aspect. BUT I still bought this palette haha! It’s on it’s way to me! I will just use some of the mattes in 2 as transitions shades when using 3.

    1. Thanks Angel! I totally feel your pain. Good idea about using R2 for mattes– I just get lazy about switching back and forth between palettes 😛

      1. Hahahaha! Me too! I say I’ll do it…… But I won’t lol One more matte that’s a transition color in this palette would have been nice.

  4. I like to wear purple on occasions, but green is my favorite color to rock when I want a ‘pop’. 😀 Thanks for the detailed side-by-side comparison you gave of all the palettes. That’s really helpful!

  5. I love that you took the time to write this! Can you tell me which of the shades are matte or have a matte finish?

    1. Thanks Lynn! Only the first three from the left on the top row are matte. The third one from the right on the bottom row eventually turns to matte because I think its shimmer finish is a spray over… when I swatched it for this post it looked so shimmery but later I used it and it had sort of mattified.

  6. I Like 1 and 2, but havent seen swatches to judge clearly, I prefer neutral, this way I can play with lipstick.

  7. These are my kind of colors. I didn’t use Revealed that much, and some of the colors were muddy on me. I dearly love Revealed 2, however. Revealed 3 looks even better!

  8. Very pretty palette. I haven’t bought things in the purple family for a long time but this would be a good way to get back into those shades.

  9. I haven’t tried any of these yet but Revealed 3 is making me want to go out and buy it. I’m all about the purple shadows.

  10. I love the pretty purples! I think I need to grab #2. I don’t have any of them (!!!!!!!!!) and I think that one will suit me the best.

  11. I’m sure I’ll pick it up when it goes on sale, if Coastal Scents follows their usual pattern of half-off. I love Revealed 1 and 2, and 3 is just as pretty! Great swatches.

    1. Definitely wait, hopefully it won’t be long but those sales are the best value!

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