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Review & Swatches: City Color Contour Effects Palette

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March 5, 2015

Review & Swatches: City Color Contour Effects Palette | Slashed Beauty

What does it take to find a good contouring palette around here? Don’t get me wrong— I’ve found many that I like, but none that I was 100% satisfied with.

Here’s the thing: in my humble opinion, contouring should be done with cool shades to mimic shadow on the face for a naturally chisled look. Warmer shades should be blended on the perimeter of the face to add warmth. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this way, since so many bronzers, sold alone and in palettes, are too warm to look natural for my medium skin.


So when I opened the City Color Contour Effects palette, it was practically love at first site. Three large pans: one deep, cool matte contour shade, a lighter warm matte bronze shade, and a shimmery translucent highlight. On the inner cover of the cardboard palette, there’s a diagram of where each shade should be placed on your face for that coveted contoured look.

Review & Swatches: City Color Contour Effects Palette | Slashed Beauty

Pigmentation reaffirmed my love for the palette. All shades are strong, but can be applied lightly and blended out for a more natural look. Whether you’re going for an every day look, or a dramatically chiseled Kim K face, this palette delivers.

The contour shade is perfect for my skin tone to sculpt my features, and I like putting the bronze shade near my temples for warmth. The highlight offers a shimmering sheen that catches the light beautifully on top of my cheekbones. The staying power will depend on how heavy handed you are with application. My light daily application can last about 6 hours before looking faded.

I’ve been using the City Color Contour Effects palette every day with my e.l.f. Ultimate Kabuki Brush and it’s pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted. With the packaging being lightweight but sturdy, it’s perfect for traveling with all of your contouring essentials. Best part? You can get 10% off using my code SlashedBeauty on the City Color website. It’s $16.99 full price, but you can find it on sale often and always use the code to get extra dollars off!

Have you found your holy grail contour products?


12 Responses

  1. Wow I love the tones of the darkest shade!!! Most pull too warm but it looks so natural!

  2. Isla
    | Reply

    Ok so am I the only one who just CANNOT do the contour thing? I look like a clown. I really like your looks and tutorials. I tried searching for a contour one but nothing is coming up. Do you in fact have one? If not, i would definitely love and appreciate one from you! You’re the best! I always look forward to your tutorials and my wallet hates your reviews, cause I feel if you like something than I NEED it!

    • Hi Isla! Thanks so much for your kind words. I have a few posts on contouring. In this one, I go through my whole foundation/contouring routine for fall/winter… and in this one I talk about why I put bronzer/highlighter where I do!

      • Isla
        | Reply

        Thanks so much! Off to practice!

  3. Kimberly Muñoz
    | Reply

    Oooo I need to check my Five and Below!!

    • There are no Five Below stores in Los Angeles D: I’m jealous!

      • Kimberly Muñoz
        | Reply

        Oh man!! Mine is like 5 minutes away. Next to Ulta! =D

  4. Jessica Cox Valade
    | Reply

    I love this palette ! I also got it at a 5 below, and I think it is an amazing price for such a great contour palette!

  5. Janna
    | Reply

    I actually found this at 5 below ($5!) after buying it at IMATS! I wonder if it’s still there.

    • Yes! City Color is constantly at makeup conventions (I first discovered them at PHAMExpo here in Los Angeles) where they have insane discounts on their already affordable stuff 🙂 How do you like it?!

      • Janna
        | Reply

        Admittedly I haven’t used other contour palettes (though I’m looking into buying a cream one), but I have the same problem where all of them look SO warm on me!

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