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Purple Hair Color Maintenance Routine

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August 23, 2018

This summer has been a rollercoaster of testing out different shades of bold hair color on myself, only to be disappointed in how the shade turned out or have it fade too quickly. But luckily, I landed on purple and finally found a shade that looks great on me, and that actually lasts— even being a semi-permanent! I have been getting non-stop compliments on my hair, but also questions about what I’m using in my routine now to help maintain the color and health.

See what I use in my purple hair color maintenance routine to help keep up my color and the health of my hair! | Slashed Beauty

Over the past three months, I had been trying to figure out the best purple hair color maintenance routine that not only helped keep my shade vibrant, but also catered to my hair type and needs. After two rounds of bleaching, my hair was in a pretty rough state before I locked down my new hair faves. Now, not only am I rocking this fun bright color but my hair is getting back to its normal health quickly.

See what I use in my purple hair color maintenance routine to help keep up my color and the health of my hair! | Slashed Beauty

First of all, you can read all about the hair color I use from Arctic Fox in depth in my review here. In short, it’s my favorite hair color I’ve played with thus far. It doesn’t have any harsh chemicals so you won’t damage your hair, it’s incredibly vibrant and the formula contains conditioner that adds mega moisture and shine. My hair was literally transformed after I used it for the first time— it almost completely restored the feeling of my hair in one use. You can find it on Amazon in a bunch of bold shades.

With semi-permanent hair color, the less you wash your hair the longer the color will last. My sweet spot is about 6 days between washes, if I can stand it. Dry shampoo has been a must-have more than ever now, and I’m still using the Dove Refresh + Care Fresh Coconut Dry Shampoo which is super lightweight and smells great. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky, so I can use it daily.

Another product that helps me cleanse my scalp without washing my hair is the dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse. You only apply it to your scalp, and it gently cleanses without stripping your natural oils. The formula has color-locking technology so it won’t wash your color away, plus proteins to help strengthen your hair. I’ll use this between washes if my hair is feeling gunky more quickly due to working out or styling products. If you’re one of those people who HAS to wash your hair every other day but want to maintain your color, switching out a deep cleanse with this ACV hair rinse will make a huge difference.

See what I use in my purple hair color maintenance routine to help keep up my color and the health of my hair! | Slashed Beauty

When I am ready to wash my hair, I’m using a mild product that will treat my hair well and is color-safe. Remember a couple years ago when I started using the DevaCurl Low-Poo? Well, I started using it again because it’s color safe, sulfate/paraben/silicone free and gives my waves major frizz-control. My natural texture has been coming through better now that my hair is becoming healthier, and this formula helps give my waves definition, shine and a healthy movement.

Every time I wash my hair, a little bit of hair color comes out— even if I’m just rinsing in water. To help prevent fading, I’m using the oVertone Extreme Purple Daily Conditioner, which has hair color in it to help replenish what rinses out. This has been making a major difference in maintaining my color, as the Purple Rain shade does start to fade into deep magenta on me after a few washes. This conditioner helps prolong the richness as I wash and slows the speed of fading.

Every 3-4 weeks, I’ll give my hair a boost with the oVertone Extreme Purple Deep Treatment. This deep conditioner has more color in it than the daily conditioner, so it will add a moderate amount of color back into my hair while also pumping it with major hydration. My hair feels super silky soft after using this, and it replenishes enough color that I can hold off on doing a full-on touch up with the Arctic Fox for about a month longer than normal when combined with the daily conditioner.

See what I use in my purple hair color maintenance routine to help keep up my color and the health of my hair! | Slashed Beauty

At the end of the day, my ends were still pretty damaged and breaking even a couple months since having my hair lightened. To help that, I’ve been using the OGX Restoring + Bonding ‘Plex Bonding Cream after I wash my hair. The formula contains vegetable proteins that help restore damaged hair and help it retain moisture while giving it a protective barrier. It makes my hair feel great as it air dries, and is really helping to give it strength again.

Another styling and protection product that also helps with fading: the Hask Rose Wine Color Protection 10-in-1 Leave-In Spray. It blocks UV and protects your hair from heat styling, two factors that can accelerate fading. Aside from that, it detangles, conditions, prevents breakage, and mends split ends. I apply it before any heat styling, or even if I know I’m going to be out in the sun a lot.

See what I use in my purple hair color maintenance routine to help keep up my color and the health of my hair! | Slashed Beauty

This purple hair color maintenance routine has really been working for me, not only to help get the most out of my color but also to restore my hair’s health, strength and appearance. While not all the products are quite budget friendly, I’m not washing my hair too often so they’re not running out too quickly on me at least.

Do you have any hair color maintenance product faves I should try?

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  1. Olivia Barajas
    | Reply

    I try to color my hair purple but it doesn’t come like I want it. Help!

  2. Kristen Leanne
    | Reply

    YASS your hair looks amazing! Thank you for featuring Arctic Fox. So rad

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