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10 Cute Makeup Organizers to Buy on Amazon

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February 28, 2024

Whether your makeup collection is big or small, the question of how to organize makeup is always on the brain. Finding functional yet cute makeup organizers can be a struggle. Luckily, I’ve done some searching for you to curate these cute makeup organizers from Amazon to dress up— and clean up— your vanity. Some keep your beauty products tucked away, some put them on display. Whatever you choose, these will help bring order to your collection.

Click on the photo to find the makeup organizer on Amazon. Note that prices may fluctuate due to sales, etc.

Collage of 10 cute makeup organizers from Amazon | Slashed Beauty

1. Plastic Divider & Drawer Organizer (~$22)
This is a great choice for a minimal makeup collection, providing narrow dividers for palettes and compacts, slots for a few brushes and two drawers for small items.

2. Clear Drawer Organizers – 25 Piece (~$20)
If you have a vanity with drawers or want to store your makeup in bathroom drawers, use these dividers to help keep things tidy and sorted.

3. Countertop Makeup Cubbies (~$16)
These cubbies have angled cubby slots you can use for brushes, lipsticks, glosses, eye pencils or mascara. It also features a pull out drawer for bulkier makeup.

4. Clear Cosmetic Drawers with Detachable Lipstick Stand (~$30)
This clear drawer set comes in a handful of colors (and a clear option) with either 3 large + 4 small drawers, or 4 large + 2 small drawers. It’s a stackable set, so you can either leave the lipstick stand on top or use it in another area.

5. Vintage Aesthetic Vanity Organizer (~$40)
Add a vintage flair to your space with these makeup drawers made of green tempered glass with a gold trim. The organizer has three drawers and a tiered section with multiple slots you can use for brushes.

6. Black & Gold Glass Makeup Brush Holder (~$14)
Here’s a three-section makeup brush organizer with a bit of gatsby style! The black translucent glass and gold trim add fashion to function.

7. Two-Pack Stackable Plastic Drawers (~$30)
Customize your makeup organization with these stackable drawers. They’re on the more shallow side and stay low-profile. You can buy the drawer by itself, or bundled with a divider tray to go on top.

8. Makeup Organizer Cart with Drawers (~$80)
If your collection is a little more robust, here’s a design-friendly way to keep it organized and on display. This cart features an organizer tray on top, two deep drawers, and two flat sections for taller products like perfumes or skin care bottles. Plus, it’s on wheels!

9. Rustic Wood Vanity Organizer (~$30)
If you’re trying to fit a more rustic or farmhouse aesthetic in your home, this wooden vanity organizer will fit right in. The top section has several dividers plus three drawers.

10. Midcentury Modern Vanity Storage Box (~$40)
Another vintage style, this midcentury modern beauty box has a clear covered top for larger bottles and products to stand upright, and two pull out drawers. It also has a handle if you need to move it around.

How are you organizing your makeup?

– Miranda

7 Responses

  1. Joanna pineda
    | Reply

    How can I buy one of 1? And and number 8?

    • Miranda
      | Reply

      You click the link and buy it on amazon 🙂

  2. Silvia
    | Reply

    I regret so much not getting a rotating organizer I spotted at Ross! It was black I hope to find again. Don’t forget to check at Ross and they are cheap as it gets! Also Marshall’s/TJ Max I have my stash in acrylic ones I bought at Ross and it fits neatly. I better stop buying more since I’m running out of space. ‍♀️ Have everything covered eyeshadows, blushes, highliters, eye pencils, lipsticks! Oh! Lipsticks yes! Can’t own enough! Lol!

    • Miranda
      | Reply

      Check out your local Dollar Tree if you have one! I was there over the weekend and they had acrylic makeup/lipstick organizers in the beauty section. I was shocked!

  3. Mary Yowell
    | Reply

    Is the drawers in the cart (3) deep enough for bulkier items such as setting powers , setting sprays , eyeshadow palettes etc? I also worry about how durable they are , if there flimsy an they will warp. I want the IKEA Alex drawers but their not in my price range right now.

  4. Joyce Chitwood
    | Reply

    I love this post. I have number 4 and it’s nice I wish it was bigger kinda. I don’t have a lot space but table top and small shelves. My desk is a nice size one. So I do have it on there. If bigger might be harder. But a would like org everything especially makeup though. Dollar tree had small small org for sale for a while I don’t know if they stock them or not? Hard to tell by my store and trying to stay away right now. Because I’m on a tight budget and I everything is so cute. Those dollars add up. But they don’t always keep things stocked up like I have seen others. Not one anywhere else near. But I love all these ideas. Thanks so much.

    • Miranda Mendoza
      | Reply

      I love getting smaller organization stuff from the dollar store!! Things like small baskets that can go inside drawers are great to pick up there. Thanks Joyce!

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