7 Helpful Hair Tools to Style Short Hair ($40 & Under!)

I do a big hair chop about once a year, usually to make it lighter for summer. While I love how freeing this feels, I do often struggle with how to style short hair. My tools can feel awkward with the shorter length, or yield less than ideal results entirely.

I’ve scoured and searched for hair tools to style short hair, trying and approving a few myself! Here are the ones that came out on top, including personal favorites.

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Prices reflect listings on date of publishing.

1. Bed Head Curls In Check Diffuser Dryer ($25)

With short hair, I find it cumbersome to use a traditionally sized hair drier, especially coupled with its attachments. This diffuser dryer is specifically for drying short hair in its natural curl pattern, and is super easy to hold close to the head without arm fatigue!

2. Conair Small Round Brush ($7)

If you’re looking for a small round brush to blow dry pixie cuts, this one is the perfect size! A smaller round brush means you can hold your hair tighter to straighten it out for that sleek, frizz-free look.

3. Lovani Mini Flat Iron ($16)

Not only is this mini flat iron super easy to travel with, but it’s easy to work through short hair with its 1/2″ plate width. The curved edges make it a great multi-tasker to create curls and waves with, as well.

4. Bed Head Curlipops Reverse Tapered Curling Wand ($25)

Those with short hair may find that their curls fall flat faster than long hair, especially at the root. Using a reverse tapered curling wand can help remedy this, giving you longer lasting curls that settle into more uniform waves. The curl starts much closer to the scalp due to the shape of the wand, so you get more curl in your short strands.

5. Silicone Curlers ($10)

Rollers are great to give short hair volume and shape, but if you’re looking for true heatless curls, try these silicone curlers. While they work on all hair lengths, they’re particularly useful for creating ringlets with smaller sections of hair.

6. Revlon One Step Volumizer Plus 2.0 ($40)

I was a huge convert to the original Revlon dryer brush when it was released, I actually threw out all my other blow dryers. But the new One Step Volumizer PLUS 2.0 is so much more short hair friendly! It has a slimmer handle and brush size, so you can style short hair closer to the root, plus an additional heat setting.

7. Hot Tools Pro 1/2″ 24K Gold Curling Iron ($34)

Trying to get tighter curls on short hair? This professional grade curling iron comes in a 1/2″ barrel for more defined curls that start close to the root. The heat settings reach a high of 430ºF to serve all hair types.

– Miranda

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