Milani Color Fetish Lipsticks Review & Swatches

The Milani Color Fetish Lipsticks have become the beauty community’s favorite new drugstore lipstick this year— so what’s the deal?

Milani Color Fetish Lipsticks side by side on a marble table. | Milani Color Fetish Lipsticks Review & Swatches | Slashed Beauty

First off: there are two versions of this lipstick now… the original Color Fetish Lipsticks which is a collection of nine glossy shades ranging from neutral to bright, and the newer Color Fetish Matte Lipsticks The Nudes Collection with six neutral shades.

The originals are a fusion between lip balm, lip oil, and lipstick. The formula is made with an 85% blend of nourishing oils including jojoba oil, grape seed oil, apricot kernel oil, plus shea butter for an extra moisturizing feel. They literally melt onto the lips and feel almost liquified as you swipe them on. They’re both cruelty free and vegan, as well!

Milani Color Fetish Lipstick swatches in Lustful, Lingerie, Crave, Roleplay, Kink & Fantasy | Milani Color Fetish Lipsticks Review & Swatches | Slashed Beauty

1. Lustful
2. Lingerie
3. Crave
4. Roleplay
5. Kink
6. Fantasy

They really do feel incredible on the lips, and remind me of the Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipsticks— which are dupes of the YSL Rouge Shine Lipsticks— though these may have slightly more pigmentation. The brand describes the color payoff as as sheer to medium buildable, though I find most of them to apply pretty vibrant. Most of the shades also leave a slight stain behind.

Here’s the deal, though: because of how slick the original formula is, you are most likely going to get feathering or smearing outside your lip lines. After a couple hours of wear, plus eating lunch, I had a little case of Joker mouth wearing the Fantasy shade. I completely removed it, then reapplied using the Milani Color Statement Lip Liner in Bordeaux to outline my lips. This made all the difference (these colors were also a perfect match!) and there was no bleeding outside of the lines. You can see how it looked both before and after lining in my video at the top of the page.

Milani Color Fetish Lipsticks Swatches: Matte & Original Formula | Slashed Beauty

In store, you can identify the original line from the matte shades by looking at the tube detailing: the original shine finish will have a black stripe through the middle, whereas the matte version has a gold stripe with the brand name on it. Read my Milani Color Fetish Matte The Nudes Collection Review here.

I really do enjoy wearing this formula, though I know going into them that I will either A) need to reapply a couple times throughout the day with the mattes or B) need to add the extra step of lining my lips. I definitely get the hype and hope they continue to expand the collection!

You can find the Milani Color Fetish Lipsticks for $8.99 at Ulta Beauty.

– Miranda

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  1. I own two of these [so far], Voyeur and Covet, and they are superb.
    They impart a sheer “pop” of color, and actually wear fairly admirably for such an emollient formula.
    These are on the slippery/smeary side, you probably won’t want to wear balm underneath or gloss on top, and liner is pretty much a must with these; I do wish Milani hadn’t discontinued its wonderful anti-feathering clear liner – it would be PERFECT with these!
    I want to see more shades added to the Color Fetish Balm Lipsticks, maybe a magenta and a berry red.

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