Revlon Super Lustrous Melting Glass Shine Lipsticks Review

After hating on gloss for years, the shiny lip look has finally grown on me. But, I’m still very picky about what products I use, and have a lot of boxes I want checked. The new Revlon Super Lustrous Melting Glass Shine Lipsticks checks them all, and then some! They’re a unicorn in the world of lipsticks, and I’ve been obsessed since the first swipe.

Revlon Super Lustrous Melting Glass Shine Lipsticks Review & Swatches | Comfortable Glossy Drugstore Lipstick | Slashed Beauty

First off, this lipstick line is massive— it launched with 25 shades from bolds to neutrals and everything in between. There’s something for every mood and season!

What makes the Melting Glass Shine Lipsticks unique? They’ve got all the best characteristics of a lipstick, lipgloss, and lip balm combined. You get the convenience of a bullet-style lipstick, the glassy shine finish of a gloss, and the moisturizing cushiness of a balm all while adding a gorgeous wash of color to the lips that won’t feather outside of your lip lines.

Even though this looks like a solid lipstick, it instantly melts as soon as you press it to your lips. It really does feel like you’re swiping on a wet gloss. The color is translucent but vibrant, and you can build it up for a stronger statement.

Revlon Super Lustrous Melting Glass Shine Lipstick Swatches | Sparkling Quartz, Glossed Up Rose, Cherries in the Snow, Fire & Ice, Rum Raisin, Glaring Coral, Dazzle Me Pink | Comfortable Glossy Drugstore Lipstick | Slashed Beauty

The formula contains hyaluronic acid, aloe and rose quartz which make it feel like a soothing, rich lip balm. This has been incredibly appreciated as my lips have been in bad shape recently. (I’ve developed a nervous habit of rubbing my lips together without realizing it— I’m stressed ya’ll, and current events are weighing heavy on my heart.) Basically every other lipstick looks awful on me right now, but these smoothed over my dry patches and gave me plump, healthy looking lips!

A few things to consider with this product: if you’re looking for a set-and-forget lipstick with all day color, this isn’t it. You should treat this like a lipgloss or tinted balm and expect that it will transfer due to the slick finish. The bolder shades will leave a subtle stain behind, but you’ll probably find yourself wanting to reapply this after eating to freshen up the color. The great thing is, because this applies with the ease of a bullet lipstick, it’s incredibly easy to touch up— even without a mirror! You don’t need to be as precise as you might with a doe-foot gloss applicator. You can definitely swipe-mush-go!

Revlon Super Lustrous Melting Glass Shine Lipsticks Review & Swatches | Comfortable Glossy Drugstore Lipstick | Slashed Beauty

Also, I’ll admit, the packaging can be frustrating when you first buy it. Revlon placed an incredibly strong label on the tube to keep it closed (which I do appreciate given how many gross people open drugstore makeup to test it out, then put it back on the shelf). When you peel it off, you are left with a ton of sticky residue. I had to use Goo Gone to remove it.

I’ve been wearing these all week since they’re the only things that look good and feel good on my chapped lips. I’ve even used the clear shade “Sparkling Quartz” as a lip balm on days I stay makeup-free. I’m obsessed with this formula and can’t wait to grab more shades!

You can find the Revlon Super Lustrous Melting Glass Shine Lipsticks for $9.99 on Amazon.


  1. I love these. I dont like gloss, its generally too shiny and dramatic looking on me. This one just looks dewy, its a soft shine.

  2. I love these. Thank you for the great swatches! I was looking all over for good comparison photos of these shades.

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