SolaWave Skin Care Wand Review, Before & Afters

Starting my late 20s in the midst of a global, unprecedented event has straight up given me wrinkles. 😂 No joke– over the past year and a half, I’ve noticed my expression lines deepening, particularly forming deep creases near my eyebrows and forehead. They’ve given me an overall angry and tired appearance that I’ve wanted to work on softening, plus we all know that prevention is easier than correction when it comes to anti-aging.

I’ve never really been keen on getting facial injections, so I started researching what at-home methods I could use to get my skin in shape. On a recommendation, I came across the SolaWave Skin Care Wand, a 4-in-1 beauty device that packed a ton of benefits into a small and easy to use tool.

SolaWave Skin Care Wand resting on a bottle of SolaWave Renew Complex Serum | SolaWave Skin Care Wand Review, Before & After Results | Slashed Beauty

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The SolaWave uses four science-backed technologies to deliver results:

  • Red Light Therapy: low-level wavelengths of visible red LEDs that help with the appearance of blemishes and fine lines, and minimize breakouts
  • Microcurrent: low-voltage electrical waves that stimulate the face muscles and deeper layers of the dermis of the skin to counteract common symptoms of aging
  • Facial Massage: decreases the appearance of puffiness, drains toxicity from the face’s lymphatic system, and makes the shape of the face appear slimmer and refreshed
  • Therapeutic Warmth: encourages increased local blood flow, circulation, and the temporary opening of pores for skin care products to penetrate deeper. Max temp: 107°F

I love a beauty tool that offers multiple benefits and can actually cut down on the amount of products I juggle.

Holding the SolaWave Skin Care Wand | SolaWave Skin Care Wand Review, Before & After Results | Slashed Beauty

The SolaWave is touch-activated, so it turns on as soon as it senses it’s being held up against skin. While a cool feature, I actually wish there was an off button, since sometimes the tool activates when I don’t want it to, or gets stuck on if my serum has coated it. There is also no low battery indicator, so you have to be strategic about charging it. I find that I can get about six to eight 10-minute treatments on one charge.

The wand can be positioned both vertically and horizontally, which makes it more convenient to glide in different areas. I typically keep it horizontal for most of my face, but prefer the vertical position for my neck. It’s important to note that it cannot rotate 360°– you turn clockwise for horizontal and back counter-clockwise to return to the vertical orientation.

Miranda holding the SolaWave Skin Care Wand to her face | SolaWave Skin Care Wand Review, Before & After Results | Slashed Beauty

As with any microcurrent device, this is best used with a conductive serum or gel in order to reap the benefits of the electrical waves for the anti-aging effects. Just like using ultrasound gel, a conductive serum directs the waves into the face, maximizing their effect as it eliminates air between the tool and your skin.

I started using the Solawave with the brand’s Renew Complex Serum, which is $34 for 1oz. It’s an extremely hydrating formula made with Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera & Blue Tansy, but I felt like I was using a lot of it for each treatment. It sank into my skin so quickly that I would have to apply large amounts to provide enough glide for the entirety of my routine.

I ended up switching to pure aloe vera gel, which has the ability to conduct microcurrent and can be purchased way cheaper!

SolaWave Before & After

I used the SolaWave for 30 days, and these were my results. For the first two weeks, I was using it daily. Then, life got a bit busy and I cut down to about 3-4 times a week. The results happened gradually, it was actually hard to tell a difference looking in the mirror every day. However, looking at the before and afters side by side, I can definitely say that the SolaWave works.

Solawave Before & After Results: Frown Lines / Elevens with noticeable fading after 30 days| SolaWave Skin Care Wand Review | Slashed Beauty

What most people refer to as “elevens,” this frown line at the front of my eyebrow became dramatically more shallow over the course of thirty days.

Solawave Before & After Results: Forehead expression lines with noticeable fading after 30 days| SolaWave Skin Care Wand Review | Slashed Beauty

These pesky expression lines on my forehead always bunch up my makeup. I’m so glad to see them fading.

Solawave Before & After Results: Laugh Lines with noticeable fading after 30 days| SolaWave Skin Care Wand Review | Slashed Beauty

Although a more subtle difference, I see less creasing in my laugh lines when in a relaxed position.

Solawave Before & After Results: Jaw line more defined after 30 days | SolaWave Skin Care Wand Review | Slashed Beauty

A friend had commented that my jawline was looking more defined. I haven’t lost weight at all, and so believe the SolaWave is to thank for this tightening as well!

Watch the video at the top of the page for more details on how to use the SolaWave.

In the last picture, you can see a bit of lightening of my acne scars, and in general I was experiencing a decreased amount of acne breakouts while using the SolaWave. Even during my period, when I usually get a handful of spots, I only had one pimple show up that cleared up within a matter of a couple days.

I’ve got to admit, I was skeptical when starting with the SolaWave, being so small and simple looking. Seeing the side by side comparison, though, I can’t deny that this little magic wand has made a big difference in the short time I’ve been using it. I plan on continuing with it to further reverse the beginning signs of aging as well as maintain the bright glow it’s given me every morning.

The best part is, for all that it delivers, the SolaWave is actually pretty affordable at $169 compared to similar devices. You can buy it at Ulta Beauty or Amazon.

– Miranda


  1. Your photos convinced me to purchase one. My skin is great especially for my age 31 (people guess that I’m at uni/college could be because I’m multiracial and have slower aging skin) but I want to ensure that my skin is as healthy as can be. I’ve just got laser genesis done (highly recommend) it takes a few sessions, then just once a year. So this may help maintain my results in the future.

  2. Do you follow up with your skin care routine after using the solawave? Do you after to wash again?

    1. Since I do my solawave in the morning I typically do it within my routine– cleanser, vitamin C serum, solawave routine then SPF. I might wipe some of the extra serum but I don’t wash again.

  3. Oh my gosh. I learned so much & found some new items. I missed the fall sale but hopefully not the next. Thank you for the video on the false eyelashes.

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