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Skin Care & Makeup for Workouts: e.l.f. ACTIVE Collection Review

November 8, 2017

e.l.f has been on overdrive since the beginning of 2017, dropping new products like it’s going out of style. Their most recent launch has made me almost as excited as their Beauty Shield line I was head over heels for this past summer. But now, there’s a close second with e.l.f. ACTIVE.

The new e.l.f. ACTIVE collection is geared toward the girl on the go. The first products released are skin care and makeup designed to be sweat-resistant, hydrating, light weight and that won’t clog your pores. Whether you’re a gym rat or generally lead an active lifestyle, these are great new go-to products to keep you feeling fresh all day.

Even for days when I’m not necessarily super active, I’ve liked using this line for a light glowy look. Keep reading to see what I like about each product, or watch the video above to go more in depth.

1. Workout Ready Hydration Stick ($8)

This hydration stick is one of the most useful for my personal workout routine! I workout in the mornings, and I hate leaving without moisturizing… but I also know that a typical moisturizer will feel heavy as soon as I start sweating. This twist-up balm glides on in a thin layer and gives me just enough hydration for my skin to feel comfortable. The Aloe Vera in the formula is super cooling which feels nice pre-sweat sesh.

2. Post-Workout Cool Down Mist ($8)

I’ve been really loving face mists since moving to a drier climate, but they especially come in handy after work outs! This Cool Down Mist feels awesome after exercising when you’re still running hot. It can help rehydrate and refresh your face, getting rid of that grimy feeling. You can also use it over makeup to give yourself a natural glow– I particularly like using it if my face starts feeling a little too matte throughout the day, to help the makeup look more natural. Again, the aloe in the mist is what gives you the cooling sensation and it’s a very breathable, fine mist.

3. Post-Workout Cleansing Body Wipes ($3)

These wipes can be used on the face and body, to either take makeup off or whisk away sweat. They’re perfect for throwing in your gym bag when you’ve got somewhere to be and no time for a proper shower. I also pack them when hiking or I know I’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors being active, just to stay feeling and smelling clean.

4. Sweat Resistant Mascara & Brow Duo ($6)

I’m loving this duo, as it reminds me of an old e.l.f. mascara duo I used to use practically every day! On one side of the duo, we have a clear brow gel that holds the hairs in place to keep that polished look. While it has good hold, it doesn’t dry down too stiff, and the thin comb makes precise application easy. The mascara side really surprised me, though! Besides the fact that it’s sweat resistant, I actually love how it makes my lashes look! I get a ton of length and separation that looks natural. Perfect as an every-day mascara and super convenient for travel!

5. Workout Ready Lip & Cheek Palette ($8)

I saved the best for last! The Lip & Cheek Palette is my favorite out of the first launches in the collection. It includes three versatile shades and one glowy highlighter that go on with a slight dewiness and leave a soft stain for long wear. While it is sweat resistant, it’s not transfer-proof, so any dabbing of sweat you might do during a workout can disturb it. But, I am really enjoying using this for no-makeup makeup looks. The highlight looks so natural, yet gives such a dramatic reflection!

Believe it or not, my daily makeup routine is rather low-maintenance, especially when I’ve got a ton on my to-do list. These products cater to that perfectly and I’m genuinely stoked to see what they add to it in the future.

Check out the e.l.f. ACTIVE collection on their website to see what other makeup for workouts they have available now.

Can you use any of these products in your active day routine?

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