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6 Tips to Stay Positive On Your Period feat. Pamprin

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November 6, 2017

This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own.

I’m currently PMSing. I’m supposed to get my period in five days… and if you’re keeping track, yes, that is my wedding day. Ain’t that fun?

Believe me, I’ve put in my fair share of hours complaining about it. But about a month ago, I tried committing myself to being more positive while on my period. Yes, it can definitely be a struggle with the hormones raging, uncomfortable bloating and all around inconvenience. However, sticking to a positive mindset can make your time of month a little more bearable to get through.

Keep reading to discover my favorite tips for how to stay happy on your period with positive thinking, self-care rituals and preparation.

1. Know When It’s Coming

I think the biggest factor in staying positive during your period is not letting it be a surprise. I personally use a period tracking app which will give me a countdown to my first day. That way, I can get in the right mindset as well as avoid making plans I know I won’t be in the mood for. I make sure to clear my schedule if I can, and that way I can be sure to fit in some relaxation.

2. Crush Your Cramps & Beat the Bloat

The top reason I get super irritable during my period is probably obvious… cramping. But seriously, every month is dreadful for me because I get such severe cramps that I have to put everything on pause. There’s been one solution that helps me feel all-around better: Pamprin.

Most days, I can use Pamprin Multi-Symptom, which eases cramps, headaches and backaches. But wait… there’s more! It also helps reduce bloating and water weight gain, plus the antihistamines in the formula work to prevent irritability! It has the strength of a Extra Strength Tylenol, but tackles more. Getting rid of these common period symptoms lets me relax and have more brain power for staying positive.

3. Schedule Time to Pamper Yourself

Something I’m particularly guilty of is treating the days on my period like any other day. I try pushing forward and working myself to exhaustion… which only makes me more cranky about being on my period most days. Making sure you set aside an hour or two to just pamper yourself can make a world of difference in staying positive. Baths are my favorite me-time activity during that time of month that forces me to stop being a busy-body and chill out. I also enjoy treating myself to a face mask, a DIY mani/pedi and binging on my latest Netflix obsession.

4. Recite Affirmations

While it might seem weird or uncomfortable at first, reciting affirmations can give you a serious confidence boost. It can be as simple as a “looking good!” when you pass a mirror, or saying out loud your favorite qualities about yourself. I tend to get down on myself the most during my period because I feel like crap, so making sure you pay attention to what you love is essential to staying happy during this hard week.

5. Stick to Positive Peers

Life is way too short to hang out with negative people… and this is especially important when you’re already not feeling like your best self. If you are feeling well enough to be social, stick to the friends who you always have a great time with and whose friendship comes easily.

6. Go to Sleep Earlier

I tend to get tired more quickly when I’m on my period. Making sure I get a little extra sleep— even it means winding down 30 minutes earlier— can keep me more alert and less cranky throughout the day. If you have a hard time going to sleep earlier than normal, just being in bed with a book gives your body a little extra time to restore. Just keep screens away, so you get into a deeper sleep more quickly.

While these tips are awesome to stay happy while on your period, 3-6 are great ideas to stay positive all month long! Making positivity a habit in general can lead to better well-being and less stress.

How do you stay happy during your period?

4 Responses

  1. Lisa Marie Heath
    | Reply

    Pamprin is a must have for me. My cramping is so severe I can barely stand.

  2. Camille Gabel
    | Reply

    I just started using that app, but I’ve always used Pamprin! Makes that time of the month easier!

  3. Lani
    | Reply

    I’ve used that same app for years and through 2 pregnancies. It’s awesome.

  4. Katie
    | Reply

    Haha this could have not come at a better time, but I just use a advil or aleve to help. Good old hot water bottle or one of those heating pads help a lot, since I’ve been taking my multi-vitamin has been helping my side effects as well. But I may have to look into a small bottle of this to see and compare to what works best.

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