Revolution Pro New Neutral Shadow Palette Review

My past experience with Revolution Beauty has been hit or miss, but I’ve kept my eye on them and they’ve definitely been working hard. They have a ton of new products out right now, and my head is spinning because they all look pretty dang awesome. Most recently, the brand launched their Revolution Pro collection— a line of products with a more luxe appearance and performance, geared toward professionals and hardcore makeup enthusiasts.

One of the first launches for the Revolution Pro line was the New Neutral Shadow Palette, an 18-shade palette featuring a glam neutral color story— warm browns, peaches, muted burgundies and dusty purples, plus a whole lot of glitter.

The pressed glitter shades in this palette are definitely unique at the drugstore level, and I hadn’t tried any prior to this palette. So, I was ready to dig in and play around.

Revolution Pro New Neutral Shadow Palette Review, Swatches & Eye Looks | Slashed Beauty

Aside from the pressed glitters, we have a good mix of mattes and a few satins and shimmers as well. Overall, the palette has a really good balance of finishes to create dimension and endless possibilities. Across the board, I’d say it takes two layers to get an opaque swipe of color with most of the shades, but they’re easily buildable and blendable.

As far as the glitters, they’ll definitely apply better with a sticky base underneath if you want a solid glitter layer look, or you can apply them dry as a topper. Please expect there to be a considerable amount of fallout with the glitter shades, because even though having the pressed makes for a slightly less messy application, the flakes are still prone to falling onto your cheeks.

Revolution Pro New Neutral Shadow Palette Review, Swatches & Eye Looks | Slashed Beauty

I’d like to also point out that the shade Based is actually an eyeshadow base. It is a thin cream formula that blends out to a matte finish to even out your lid as well as provide a layer for your shadow to stick to, bringing out the color and prolonging wear time. I think it’s convenient, though I’m not a huge fan of mixing cream and powder products together in a palette. It’s just a matter of time before it catches all the kickback from the other shades and looks dirty.

Revolution Pro New Neutral Shadow Palette Review, Swatches & Eye Looks | Slashed Beauty

In this look, I used Karma as my transition, with Zoned as my crease and outer corner shade. I cut my crease using Based, then used Party on most of the lid. I blended the glitter and the outer corner with Hidden, and highlighted my inner corner with Golden layered on top of Glitzed.

Revolution Pro New Neutral Shadow Palette Review, Swatches & Eye Looks | Slashed Beauty

This look is probably my favorite to wear with this palette, and you can watch how I created it in this video! My transition is Calm, with Majestic in the crease. I cut my crease using the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Concealer, then filled in the entire lid with Jazz It Up. I tapped Glitzed in the inner corner before topping it with Golden, bringing that slightly onto the inner portion of the lid as well.

Overall, I’m a fan of this palette for glam neutral looks. There’s definitely enough versatility for a more neutral, every-day aesthetic, but it’s hard to ignore the gorgeous glitters right in front of you! Some say that this palette is a dupe of a similar looking product from Huda Beauty, and in turn have reviewed this poorly in comparison, but as someone who hasn’t tried the other palette, I was happy with the quality, color range and price point!

You can find the Revolution Pro New Neutrals palette at Ulta Beauty for $20.

Have you spotted the new Revolution Pro products in Ulta yet?


  1. It looks so nice and if I’d had any idea they were coming out with this, I definitely woulda waited on the Huda.

    1. Don’t feel bad– a lot of people who have tried Huda and this both, prefer Huda! But I have no frame of reference so I liked it.

  2. This is a great palette for more simple day-to-day looks that can easily be glammed up. The price point is fantastic as well!

  3. I’m not really comfortable wearing pinks/reds with my skin tone but you look amazing. I’m glad this palette was working out for you!

  4. I love neutral eye looks and this palette would give the perfect pop!!! I agree, the perfect glam neutral palette!!! I am adding this to my Ulta list right now!

  5. I keep seeing this brand in Ulta and the palettes look fantastic! I love the 2 finished looks you did.

  6. I’m back and forth with Revolution too. Some great products and some misses. I bought an e/s palette from them that I wear all the time even if it’s just to add another color that’s missing from a look.

  7. Love the first glitter look! This palette is speaking to me. The natural pink shades are my favorite!

  8. I love the 2 looks you created with the Rev Pro palette. So pretty! I haven’t tried anything from the brand in a while. I need to take a look.

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