Personalized At Home Teeth Whitening with glowup. Review

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This year, I became a daily coffee drinker. We finally invested in reusable k-cups and a carafe, making it super easy to brew coffee in the morning for both my husband and myself in one go. I was loving the effects of the caffeine such as better focus in the mornings and regularity in my digestive system, but my teeth? My teeth were not so appreciative of this new morning ritual. I noticed a change in the color of my smile very quickly, especially in certain lipstick shades that accentuated the yellow hue.

glowup. Review: Personalized At Home Teeth Whitening | Slashed Beauty

I was ready to do some damage control, and prepared to go get a box of teeth whitening strips when glowup. reached out to me to try their product. glowup. is an at-home teeth whitening kit that actually customizes the formula to your needs. Their product is cruelty-free, vegan, made using natural ingredients like pomegranate seed extract, chamomile flower, aloe leaf juice and menthol mint to help remove bacteria and disinfect your breath as you whiten.

glowup. Review: Personalized At Home Teeth Whitening | Slashed Beauty

What really sets glowup. apart in my book is that they adjust the whitening gel based on your current teeth shade and sensitivity, so the process is pain-free yet effective and won’t destroy your enamel. Before ordering, you take a short survey about your current shade, desired shade, your recent dental history (any cavities filled?), past experience with whitening products and current habits when it comes to drinking coffee and red wine. Their algorithm then predicts your sensitivity level and formulates your whitening gel.

One kit costs $60 for six treatments, and the brand also offers a 30-day full refund if you’re not completely satisfied with the results. Plus, you get free 2-day shipping with every order.

glowup. Review: Personalized At Home Teeth Whitening | Slashed Beauty

The glowup. Whitening Kit comes with three syringes of your customized teeth whitening gel (giving you six treatments total), the whitening light, and a power adapter for iPhone and Androids. The light is powered through your phone, and begins the treatment once you press the button on the cord. It shuts off automatically after 16 minutes once the treatment is complete.

glowup. Review: Personalized At Home Teeth Whitening | Slashed Beauty

The light feels pretty comfortable in the mouth, and I found it easy to keep it secure by lightly biting down on the silicone. Just like with most teeth whitening products, the whitening gel slightly foams up and your mouth will start to feel full between that and excess saliva. Try your best not to spit, so you don’t waste the gel.

A little background on my experience with teeth whitening: besides the foam that I use to clean my retainers (which contains whitening properties), I haven’t done any type of treatment since college when I tried out whitening strips. They definitely worked, but I experienced intermittent sharp pains while using them. I’d say my teeth are relatively sensitive to temperature, as well. I indicated both of these on my quiz.

glowup. Review: Personalized At Home Teeth Whitening | Slashed Beauty

The glowup. whitening gel didn’t cause me any sensitivity whatsoever— there was no pain during the treatment and no noticeable increase in sensitivity afterwards. The only inconvenience during the treatment itself was probably being tethered to my phone. I’m a little bit of a busy body, so I prefer being hands-free. However, this was remedied by wearing pajamas with pockets so that I could still move around freely.

glowup. Review: Personalized At Home Teeth Whitening | glowup Before & After Teeth Whitening | Slashed Beauty

Alright— the moment you’ve been waiting for… did it work?! I can confidently say that I see a major difference in my teeth shade now that I can see them side by side– check out the photo above and tell me what you think in the comments! Furthermore, I feel like I got similar results from just six treatments of glowup. vs. three weeks with whitening strips.

As with any teeth whitening system, your results aren’t permanent… especially if you keep up with daily coffee or imbibing red wine. The brand suggests continuing treatment every 2 months to maintain your shade.

Working glowup. into my nightly routine was easy and the results satisfying. I think their price is competitive of other at-home whitening systems, and honestly worth it for the customization aspect. You can rest assured that the formula is designed to your needs, both shade-wise and sensitivity-wise.

Start your glow up with the quiz on their website!

Have you ever tried at home teeth whitening?

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  1. I need to try this out! My teeth are sensitive and hurt after strips as well, and my teeth definitely need some help with whitening. The kids have turned me into a daily coffee drinker, and some lipsticks make me super self conscious!

  2. There’s a very nice difference. I have a gag reaction when I’m at the dentist so I wonder if I could do this without gagging.

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