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Undone Beauty: Budget Friendly Clean Beauty Brand

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August 14, 2019

Recently during my regular Amazon browsing, I discovered a clean, affordable and minimalist beauty brand called Undone Beauty. Their brand is dedicated to ultra-wearable products that make it easy to get a fresh, every day face. Products range from $7-$14 (with free Prime shipping) with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and feature vegan & cruelty-free formulas.

I was definitely drawn toward their products which seemed perfect for quick routines just to define the features, which is what I usually do on normal days when I’m not filming a glam tutorial. I got a few products sent to me and… results may vary.

Undone Beauty: Budget Friendly Clean Beauty Brand | Makeup from Amazon Review | 3-in-1 Lip + Cheek Cream | Slashed Beauty

First, let’s start with a major win and my favorite product I tried from Undone Beauty: the 3-in-1 Lip + Cheek Cream in the shade Blazen. This is a cream product that can be used on the lips and cheeks, and includes three different levels of pigmentation inside the compact: sheer, medium, and opaque. I love that not only is this a double duty product that can tackle two parts of your face routine, but since it provides options in pigmentation, you can wear this with a ton of different looks. The consistency is thin and it blends super easily both on bare skin and on top of foundation. However, it doesn’t mattify on the skin, which means it may transfer if you tend to rest your head in your hands like I do (I ended up with a totally pink palm!). Be sure to set this with powder to help it last better.

Undone Beauty: Budget Friendly Clean Beauty Brand | Makeup from Amazon | Undone Beauty Lip Amplifying Lipstick | Slashed Beauty

Another lip product I tried from Undone was the Lip Amplifying Lipstick in Chai Town. This is a tinted balm formula that contains aloe and coconut oil for ultimate hydration. Chai Town is a warm light brown with golden shimmer to it, a gorgeous summer lip. Because of the consistency, it’s not a long lasting color by any means, and the glitter will actually stay on your lips long after the color fades. Either way, this is a fun shade for a pop of warmth and glow when the rest of your face is rather neutral.

Undone Beauty: Budget Friendly Clean Beauty Brand | Makeup from Amazon | Undone Beauty Water Bronzer Stick | Slashed Beauty

Here’s where things start getting dicey. The Undone Beauty Water Bronzer Stick is a really unique feeling product— it looks like a cream makeup stick but when you start blending it onto the skin, it feels wet and liquidy. The shade Blast is warm, and will add a nice sun-kissed tan effect wherever you apply it. However, because of the unique texture, it was a bit difficult to apply over foundation. The wet consistency ended up smearing my foundation and so the areas I applied this to ended up looking patchy. I think this would work much better over bare skin to add dimensions when you don’t feel like wearing a full face.

Undone Beauty: Budget Friendly Clean Beauty Brand | Makeup from Amazon | Undone Beauty Laze Lash Glaze Mascara | Slashed Beauty

Lastly, the dud of the bunch: the Laze Lash Glaze Mascara. Yikes. This was supposed to give me glossy, volumized and separated lashes for a “naturally enhanced” look, but all it gave me was sticky, clumped together sparse lashes. It was uncomfortable as my upper and lower lashes were literally sticking together every time I blinked, and I just did not like the overall look. Even though it delivered length, it grouped together my lashes and hardened them. It was also incredibly difficult to remove, smearing all over my face but clinging onto my lashes.

Undone Beauty: Budget Friendly Clean Beauty Brand | Makeup from Amazon | Slashed Beauty
With all products applied, except the mascara.

Overall, I’m curious enough to explore a few more of their products. I have my eye on their 3-in-1 Cream Concealer & Highlighter which looks similar to the Lip to Cheek product! I’m hopeful that this can be a new go-to brand for clean budget beauty. Check them out on Amazon here.

7 Responses

  1. Krystal
    | Reply

    I hadn’t heard of this brand. I’ve been looking for a new mascara but I’ll skip this one. But the lip balm sounds cute!

  2. Glamorable
    | Reply

    I saw this brand on Octoly but wasn’t sure if I should give it a try. Now I want to try everything, haha!

  3. Kathryne
    | Reply

    Good to know they’re vegan and cruelty-free. Curious about their ingredients being clean

  4. MarciaF
    | Reply

    It’s always interesting to find a new brand. Your look is great but it’s too bad not everything worked well for you.

  5. Kristi V BeginNails
    | Reply

    Didn’t know about this brand! Glad to add it to my list of new brands to check out. I do love that lip on you!

  6. Never Say Die Beauty
    | Reply

    I love cream products, so I’m most interested in the lip/cheek cream and what you think about the concealer/highlighter

  7. Courtney
    | Reply

    Thanks for introducing me to this new brand! I love that they’re cruelty-free and vegan!

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