REVIEW & SWATCHES: NYC Lovatics by Demi Natural Eyeshadow Palette

Okay, I know you are all probably on neutral palette overload right now… wait, what am I saying? Can that even happen?

So a couple weeks ago I gave you all a sneak peek of the NYC New York Color Lovatics line in collaboration with brand ambassador, Demi Lovato. I got my hands on the collection and I couldn’t wait to share with you the Lovatics by Demi Natural Eyeshadow Palette.

See swatches of the new NYC Lovatics by Demi Natural Eyeshadow Palette. You won't believe the quality of these affordable shadows! | Slashed Beauty

NYC has had a reputation to have hit-and-miss products through the years, even though the brand is responsible for some of my personal drugstore favorites. Regardless, the new eyeshadow palette is quality.

This is a full-fledged eyeshadow palette with twelve shades with matte, shimmer and satin finishes. There’s also great balance between warm and cool shades to really expand the types of looks you can create.

Swatches from the NYC Lovatics by Demi Natural Eyeshadow Palette. Click through to see why this is one of my new favorite drugstore products. | Slashed BeautySwatches from the NYC Lovatics by Demi Natural Eyeshadow Palette. Click through to see why this is one of my new favorite drugstore products. | Slashed Beauty

Pigmentation is surprisingly fantastic across the board. The light shades actually show up on my medium skin (despite the one that literally matches my skin tone to a T) and the dark shades give off a smoldering, dramatic intensity. The formula was unlike anything I’ve tried previously from NYC as well— buttery and smooth, with only a little powder kick-up in the matte shades.

The formula lends itself to super easy blending, and the shades all work so well together. From every day, natural looks to bold show-stopper eyes, this palette gives you so much flexibility.

See swatches of the new NYC Lovatics by Demi Natural Eyeshadow Palette. You won't believe the quality of these affordable shadows!

If you’ve been eavesdropping on the beauty grapevine, you’ve probably heard the comparison between this palette and the original Urban Decay Naked palette. They certainly do look similar, don’t they? Though, from what I’ve seen in swatches, the Lovatics palette is a tad more cool toned than the shades you’d find in Naked.

One of the most impressive things though? Staying power. I wore a light eye look to Gen Beauty last weekend with shadows from this palette, and thought it looked just as great hours later than when I applied. But, to really put it to the test, I did a more dramatic golden smoky eye a few days ago to see how it’d fade throughout the day. Well… it didnt. Want proof?

Eyeshadow done using the NYC Lovatics by Demi Natural Eyeshadow Palette, picture taken after 12 hours of wear! Click through for a full review and swatches. | Slashed Beauty

I took that picture TWELVE FREAKING HOURS after I did my makeup! I applied the shadows over the e.l.f. Eyelid Primer, which is a pretty good primer— don’t get me wrong— but I usually get noticeable fading at the very end of my day with cheaper shadows. This alone earns NYC a standing ovation from me… such a turnaround from their other eyeshadows.

For about $7, this palette is a new drugstore favorite of mine. If you already have the Naked palette, I’d say you could skip it, but if you’ve been on the hunt for an affordable alternative, this is the one.


The NYC Lovatics by Demi Natural Eyeshadow Palette is currently available at Target and will be popping up in more drugstores throughout the season. I’m so stoked that palettes like these are becoming the new drugstore norm, especially when they’re done right. Be on the lookout for my next review from the Lovatics line: the Lip & Cheek tints!

What do you think of the new drugstore palette craze?


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  1. Hi Miranda, i’ve tried this eyeshadow palette and do think that it was quiet impressive ! Love ur posts ^^

    Mind to read mine?

    1. Hmm I can’t seem to find an ingredient list, and it’s not listed on the back of the palette! I would try reaching out to their customer service. Sorry I wasn’t more help!

  2. I really like this palette and think it would be great for travel if you dont want to risk your nakeds palette!!

  3. Yooooo, I need to find me some of these. I’ve got mixed feelings on the drugstore palette thing because it’s great to find more than a quad at the drugstore… but the prices are out of control ($20 for a L’Oréal palette… exsqueeze me?). This one is perfectly priced.

    1. I completely agree! If I was going to spend $20 on a palette, I’d just wait until Too Faced was having a sale, or other brands going on hautelook!

  4. The darker shades are gorgeous. I can’t believe how pigmented they look. Look at that eye makeup! Just beautiful.

  5. Holy wozers, I love the pigmentation on these! And the longevity sounds very impressive! I wish my eye makeup looked this good in the PM.

  6. I love your reviews! How do you think this compares to the Coastal Scents Palettes? Any chance you could do a budget palette comparison post?

    1. Hi Lina! Thanks so much! Have you seen my Revealed, Revealed 2 and Revealed 3 reviews? From there you can compare the swatches. I would honestly say the formulas a pretty similar. It would just come down to the cost– if you could get the Revealed on sale (which they are right now) I’d go for that because you get 20 shades and there are more options between the four palettes to really choose a color palette that works for you 🙂 Also– great idea about comparing budget palettes. I’ll put that on my list!

  7. I’ve never liked NYC shadows, but they look like they’ve really stepped their game up with this palette. I may have to put NYC back on my radar.

  8. Wow, can’t believe your photo was taken after 12 hours! That palette rocks! Listen up CVS, you need to bring back NYC!!

    1. I have a feeling this launch will boost NYC sales– hopefully a reason for CVS to bring them back!

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