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New Travel Friendly Skin Care from Pixi

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June 15, 2016

I’d like to think that I’ve become somewhat of a packing pro over the past year with all of the trips I’ve gone on, but one thing that I haven’t gotten the hang of is packing skin care for vacation. Big bottles of cleanser and jars of cream can seriously weigh you down, but I also detest decanting the stuff into travel bottles.

Luckily, the new releases from Pixi include travel friendly skin care that are exactly what I’ve been asking for, and even work for mid-day pick me ups to keep in your purse!

First of all, I am sooooooooooo…oooo thankful for Pixi’s latest addition to the Glow Tonic family: the Glow Tonic To-Go Wipes. The brand’s cult favorite toner is a holy grail of mine. My skin drinks this stuff up and always looks its best when it’s in rotation. I usually go for the big bottles, which are pretty difficult to decant because of the spill guard. The fact that now I can get all the goodness in convenient wipes saves me luggage space, time and money! Also, side note, not sure if they’ve reformulated the toner itself or if the wipes play a part, but the rose scent that used to be a little strong for me is now really subtle.

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On the subject of wipes, they’ve also released Lash Nourish Makeup Remover Pads that are infused with Argan Oil to melt off your waterproof makeup while keeping your lashes intact and luscious. I tested these on waterproof eyeliner that’s pretty budge-proof and it took it off without much pressure needed. As usual with pads like these, I need two front-and-back to get all of my eye makeup off just because there usually isn’t enough surface area for my shadow, mascara, liner and brows.

Their new Nourishing Lip Polish is going to be purse staple. The thick balm does some serious moisturizing for dry lips, but the cool part is the applicator, which has raised touch points meant for exfoliating— or polishing— your lips. A scrub and balm all in one? Sign me up! This is so perfect for a mid-day lip color refresh, since the points can help scrub off dead skin for the smoothest color application.

Finally, the new Pixi Eye Zone Brightener is a multi-use product great for bringing on-the-go to consolidate product. As the name suggests, you can use it to brighten up the eye area as it offers a soft illuminating effect— use it on its own or under concealer. However, I also like using it as a face highlight since it gives such a natural-looking glow that looks amazing on the tops of cheekbones. It’s more sheen than shimmer, so it works well with fresh-face looks.

This is the first launch from Pixi that I’ve been excited about in a long time— they’ve put out a lot of moisturizers and serums over the past few months but these are so practical for every day use and I know they’ll be on constant rotation in my routine. (& psst… Pixi offers free shipping on orders of $25+ their website!)

Which of the new Pixi skin care products can you see yourself traveling with?


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    These look perfect! I love the glow tonic and I’d love to try the lip polish!


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