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First Look: City Color Cosmetics Makeup Brushes

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June 14, 2016

Ready for your new brush obsession? City Color Cosmetics just released their first line of makeup brushes, and they get a big stamp of approval from little ol’ me.

Just like the rest of their products, these brushes are cruelty free and affordable, but don’t compromise any quality. The duo-fiber synthetic bristles are so freaking soft, I can’t stop brushing them onto my face— even without makeup! 😛 The handle is no joke either, with a flashy pink aluminum ferrule and a weighty handle, the brushes are sturdy and rival some of the more expensive ones in my collection.

City Color did a really great job with this initial launch, making sure that there’s a brush for every step of your routine available. I got my hands on a good handful to show you the range, and you’ll definitely be seeing more of these in posts and videos!

Left to Right:

#200 Photo Chic Powder Brush

Perfect for setting powder, the bristles are flexible and cover a lot of surface area!

#201 Photo Chic Tapered Brush

Such a versatile shape with densely packed bristles that can be used to precisely place product *and* blend it out.

#202 Photo Chic Angled Brush

Every collection needs an angled brush! This one makes applying blush, contour or bronzer a piece of cake. The smaller width makes it easy to work right under your cheekbones with a contour shade, and the brushes have just enough give to layer and blend product.

#203 Photo Chic Dual-Ended Contour Brush

On one end of the brush (not pictured), you have the same head from the Angled Brush, while on the other you have this smaller dense brush for precise sculpting. I like using the pictured end to apply contour while using the angled end to blend and add blush.

Left to Right:

#100 Photo Chic Blending Brush

I’m picky when it comes to blending brushes, and this one’s great. It’s just the right size to both pat product into your outer corners and diffuse them out. It’s not *too* flexible, so you have a say in where product will end up.

#104 Photo Chic Smudge Brush

This is one of my favorite brush shapes, since you can use it to create cut creases, do gel liner, or even smoke out strong lines.

#103 Photo Chic Precision Brush

This smaller eyeshadow brush is great for packing product into tighter areas, like under the brow bone or in the inner corner.

#102 Photo Chic Liner Brush

This small angled brush can be used for powder or gel liner, or even to help fill in brows! It has a very blunt edge and sharp point to give you extra control.

#101 Photo Chic Shadow Brush

Your must-have standard eyeshadow brush. This one is fluffy and dense, and can pick up a lot of product.

#206 Photo Chic Kabuki Brush

Big things come in small packages! This kabuki brush is soft as ever, and is lovely at buffing in powder products.

I’m telling you, I think these are going to be the brand’s next best sellers! I’m hoping we see bundled sets in the future, but the prices are low enough that you can definitely pick more than a few up without guilt. Plus, you can use the code SLASHEDBEAUTY for 10% off when ordering from their website.

Which of the new brushes could you use in your collection?


  1. Rachel Runyan
    | Reply

    They sound great! It’s always nice to find inexpensive, high-quality brushes. I love the bright pink ferrules.

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