10 Must Have Beauty Products for Travel

    I absolutely love traveling, but it can sometimes get overwhelming since some of my favorite products aren’t necessarily travel-friendly. Figuring out how to maintain your regimen can be a pain when packing up your beauty routine, but I’ve got a solid ten go-to products that are must have beauty products for travel. They help me look and feel as good as if I had done my routine at home, but are convenient for their space saving, multi-tasking and TSA-rule abiding qualities.

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    1. Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather
    Whether I’m traveling or at home, I love using the color tattoos as either all-over lid colors or base/primers for other shadows. Since they’re so versatile and can serve a few key functions, they’re perfect for traveling with to lighten your load.

    2. BITE Beauty Mix & Mingle Lipstick Duo
    When I went to London back in April, the only lip products I brought were these lipstick duos. They’re teeny, but pack a punch with the same awesome formula and kick-butt pigmentation as the brand’s normal-sized Luminous Creme lipsticks. Since you get two shades in one, you can take a ton of different shades with you!

    3. Tangle Teezer
    This is my favorite brush to travel with, since it’s small and extremely effective at detangling wet or dry hair. Their Salon Elite version fits perfectly in the hand but is large enough to work well with thick hair.

    4. Batiste Travel Size Dry Shampoo
    You never know what you’re going to get in terms of showers while traveling. Bad water pressure, useless shampoo and conditioner samples, or maybe just no time. A dry shampoo is a must to keep your hair looking— and smelling— fresh as ever for all of your touristy photos.

    5. blendercleanser Solid by beautyblender
    While I don’t go out of my way to deep clean my brushes while traveling, I do like a way to keep them from getting gunked up during trips. Everyone knows the less liquids you pack the better, which makes this solid brush and sponge cleanser perfect for on the go.

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    6. Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray
    I’ve had the travel size of this setting spray for over a year and it’s still going strong! With long days out and about when on vacation, you don’t want to worry about how your face is holding up. A few spritzes of this and you can set it and forget it!

    7. Travalo Perfume Atomizer
    I’ve had it with perfume disasters while traveling: that moment you open your luggage and everything is drenched in your signature scent. Keep it simple by filling up the Travalo with your favorite perfume. It’s a flight-friendly perfume spritzer that is refillable!

    8. Capriclear 100% Coconut Oil Spray
    Coconut oil is part of so many people’s beauty routines, but it’s a serious hassle to travel with. This coconut oil spray stays in liquid form so it’s always ready to use, and its spray bottle is super convenient.

    9. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes
    Your skin care routine doesn’t have to suffer when you’re out of town. Neutrogena’s makeup remover wipes are one of the very few I trust to actually get the job done in just one wipe, without leaving much behind.

    10. Venus Snap Razor
    This little guy is awesome to throw in your bag, since it’s tiny and comes in a protective clamshell case. I never go on vacation without it, since it saves space not only in my luggage, but the cramped hotel shower ledges!

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