10 Must Have Beauty Products for Travel

The past couple years have been rich with travel experiences. I’ve flew across the globe to vacation with my husband, had last minute European adventures, and plenty of work trips. With each time I leave home, my travel beauty routine is perfected a bit more. I’ve accumulated a collection of must-haves that are always packed with me and that help streamline my primping process when I’m away.

Keep reading to see my travel beauty essentials that help me take my routine on-the-go. Click the photo of the product to find it online.

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10 Must Have Beauty Products for Travel | Travel Beauty Routine | Slashed Beauty

1. Travalo Refillable Fragrance Atomizer
I’ve had it with perfume disasters while traveling– that moment when you open your luggage and everything is drenched in your signature scent. Keep it simple by filling up a perfume atomizer with your favorite perfume. It easily loads straight from your full-size perfume bottle (no pouring required) and gives you a flight-friendly version instantly!

2. Blending Sponge Travel Case
My preferred method of applying application is always a blending sponge, but they’re not exactly easy to travel with. You don’t want it to get smushed among your other products in your bag. This cute case protects your sponge from dents and tears… plus, I can’t resist a cat-themed beauty product!

3. Travel-Friendly Light Up Mirror
I think it’s a universal truth that hotel rooms suck for applying makeup. Instead of struggling to find the light, or standing the whole time in the mirror, I just pack my own lighted mirror. This is a handheld magnified mirror that has beauty lighting built in, so you can do your makeup anywhere.

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4. Fancy Feet Blisstick Anti-Friction Stick
This product is more fashion-focused, but it’s still in my bag on every trip since I’ve discovered it! The Blisstick is perfect for days where you’ll be doing heavy walking, or wearing new shoes, as it creates an invisible barrier on the skin that blocks friction from shoes. This helps you avoid blisters and irritation, which will totally cramp your style when you’re on a trip. It has saved me many a time when I’m exploring some place new without worrying about my shoes rubbing me the wrong way.

5. EcoTools Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloths
I find it cumbersome to bring a bunch of liquids with me traveling, so these brush cleansing cloths give me the ability to keep my makeup brushes clean without needing an extra spray. I dab the brushes on them between uses to rid them of makeup, oil and impurities. They don’t leave any residue behind, and no water is required!

6. Gilette Venus Snap Razor
The Venus Snap is my favorite razor to travel with, since it’s tiny and comes in a protective clamshell case. I never go on vacation without it, since it saves space not only in my luggage, but the cramped hotel shower ledges! It’s compatible with all Venus razor heads, so you will have the shave you’re used to at home wherever you are.

7. Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo
You never know what you’re going to get in terms of showers while traveling. Bad water pressure, useless shampoo and conditioner samples, or maybe just no time. A dry shampoo is a must to keep your hair looking— and smelling— fresh as ever for all of your travel-grams.

8. milk + sass Macaron Hair Brush
Whether or not I bring a full size brush with me traveling, I always have the Macaron brush in my carry-on. It may be small, but it’s great at detangling hair— even my thick mane! It has a cap that keeps the bristles from getting bent or tangled on other things in your bag, and has a small mirror inside if you need to style while out and about.

9. Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Soap
It only takes one shaving cream can explosion to make you swear off packing it ever again. So, I travel with shave soaps. Technically designed for men’s shaving, these work great to create a lather under water and a creamy barrier for shaving your body. Plus, it doesn’t count as a liquid if you want to carry it on, and you don’t have to worry about leaks.

10. Tweezerman Mini Nail Rescue Kit
I am the queen of nail emergencies while traveling. Having a small travel nail kit with me is essential. This Mini Nail Rescue Kit from Tweezerman has everything you need to keep your nails in check: a nail file, a cuticle pusher and nail cleaner, a cuticle/hangnail clipper, nail clippers and a storage case to keep everything together.

What are your favorite beauty products to travel with?


  1. Ooooh, I was really excited about that travel makeup mirror, until I went to Amazon and read the product description. The back stand looks flimsy and as though it would break easily, being made of cheap plastic, which would render the mirror useless on a trip. Also, it is not a magnifying mirror, nor does it have a back side that is. I’ve been using a magnifying mirror since I was in my 30’s, so — another automatic disqualifier on this item for me.

    1. Ah yes, I have a magnifying mirror at home but when I travel it’s not a priority, I’m just looking for something that I can see up close and a little extra light.

      1. I weigh everything. Try to put weights next to products as I am a micro traveler. Lots of Asia things are dual purpose space savers like the feet glide and hairbrush happy travels. My tip is soft soles and arches and no smell silk undershirts and easy haircut

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