Color Street Nail Strips Review: Do They Work?

Now that my nails have become longer and healthier, I’m finding joy in at-home manicures again. I’ve only recently gotten on board with the whole nail wrap craze after my first ever successful attempt earlier this year. Now that I’m not a beginner at the process, I’m finally venturing into other brands in hopes of finding more ways to dress up my nails easily.

Color Street Nail Strips Review | Do they work? Honest Review | Slashed Beauty

Recently, a pile of new designs of Color Street nail strips landed in my lap. These looked particularly interesting, and unique from other nail wraps I’ve tried, as they’re made up entirely of actual nail polish— they’re not just stickers. The strips are polish that’s almost completely dry, but has enough flexibility to stretch a bit before setting completely.

Something to note: Color Street is a brand that is sold through independent representatives, but they also sell directly on their website if you don’t live near a “nail stylist” or just don’t want to deal with in-person sales.

Color Street Nail Strips Review | Do they work? Honest Review | Slashed Beauty

Color Street has nail strips for both manicures and pedicures, though I’ve only tried the manicure version so far. Inside each kit, you’ll find eight sizes of nail strips, with two strips per size (16 total). While that may seem like enough considering you only have ten nails, I didn’t feel like I had enough size variety to get the perfect fit width-wise. I’d say most of the strips are mid-sized, with only the smallest one being close enough to fit my pinky, but still not fully covering it. So if you mess up beyond redemption of a single strip, you may be out of luck. Also inside the kit is a Nail Prep Pad and a cute nail file to help trim the tip of the strip once it’s applied

Since the strips are made out of real nail polish, they’re thin and very delicate. It took a bit of time for me to get used to handling them, as I’m used to a thicker plastic feel with the brand I previously used. Because they stretch easily, it’s also easy to tear them. I tore the first one I tried applying, because it got stuck to my finger and it ripped in half when trying to peel it off my skin. Also, they’re not as forgiving if you need to adjust mid-application, as peeling them off the nail can stretch them out too much.

Color Street Nail Strips Review | Do they work? Honest Review | Slashed Beauty

With that said, the stretchiness is actually very helpful in creating a realistic look. The flexibility allows them to conform to the nail bed with ease, and without any buckling at the tip. In fact, they don’t alter the nail shape in any way— they don’t make them look thicker, and they lay down at the tip perfectly.

The application process is standard: you line either side up with your cuticle, pressing downward moving toward the tip. The nail file helps trim excess product, so the edges match up. They trim very easily since they’re on the thinner side, and I found myself applying these much quicker than other sticker-like strips because of this! It only takes a few swipes of the file to create the perfect edge.

Unlike other nail strips I’ve tried, they also don’t cause the tip of your nail to feel blunted or dulled. While you don’t have to add a top coat, it certainly won’t hurt and can help seal the strip in if you’re particularly hard on your nails. I chose to apply one for the sake of hardening my nail (it helps me prevent breakage).

Color Street Nail Strips Review | Do they work? Honest Review | Slashed Beauty

With the top coat, it took four days for the nail strip to show wear. I noticed tip wear first, and then the cuticle ends started to flake away. I didn’t feel like they looked worn enough to take off until day 7. I think getting a full week out of the manicure is pretty decent. Not as long as my other favorite nail strips, but long enough to get my money’s worth, in my opinion.

Overall, I’m definitely a new Color Street fan! I really like how natural they look on the nail, they have a huge variety of fun designs, and they have been the quickest to apply once I got the hang of their flexibility. I love the convenience of nail strips as there’s no worrying about dry time or smudging, and they allow me to wear so many cool looks that I’d never be able to do by hand. At $13 a kit, they’re also cheaper than a salon manicure! However, I truly wish that the kits came with about two more sizes on the smaller side, as that’s the main reason I would possibly use a different brand over these.

Have you tried Color Street nail strips?


  1. It was my first purchase and likely my last. The package has twice as many strips as needed for one application so I thought I would be able to use the second set later. I placed them back into the original plastic and taped it shut. When I tried to use them, they were dry/no stick. I noticed that after opening the envelope, on the inside flap it states, “use immediately after opening” and “store at room temperature”. It would have been helpful to have that printed on the outside of the envelope and include “the strips are intended for a one-time application.” The cost v benefit of a one time application is not value added.

    1. They are a rip off. It cost me 30.00 to have them removed as they adversely interacted with my nails and skin! The French manicure was impossible to apply and looked ridiculous.

      1. The nail strips come off with acetone easily being that they are nail polish. I don’t understand why you would need them removed professionally.

    2. If you seal the open end with a curling iron, they will stay good until you want to use them again. I do that to mine all the time and sometimes don’t reuse them for months – they’re still good. Air is not good for them, so this seals the pack up again and keeps the air out

    1. Easy color street nail remover method. Put about a half cup of warm water in a coffee mug. Put 1/8 to 1/4 cup of non acetone polish remover in a plastic baggie. Place fingers in baggie and immerse baggie and fingers in cup. Massage fingers and polish will come off!

  2. I tried these color street nail strips for the first time and was surprised how easy they were to apply. I have had them on for 2 weeks and they still look good, besides the nails growing out. The problem is i am having trouble removing them. Nail polish remover doesn’t seem to be working. Any suggestions?

    1. Try holding down an acetone remover on a cotton ball over the nail for at least 30 seconds then gently rub, they should slip off. I don’t find non-acetone removers to work well.

    2. Hi, what always worked for me,
      to remove any, any and I mean any polish, nail chemicals etc.,,,, tear apart cotton-enough to cover the nail…,careful handling
      “pure ace-tone”, soak each piece of cotton;; place on each nail and smother them with foil.
      Of course,
      You might want to cut couple pieces of foil, before beginning.
      It’ll be fast, especially for one or two nails. Take a peek after several seconds, your color strip polish will be off, Hope it’ll help. Excuse if I left any thing out, oh like always, wash hands.
      RITZ Loves ❤️Nails

  3. I have extra strips left so I’ve saved them to mix with others. Problem they don’t stick after being saved. Why ? Seems like such a waste

    1. may I ask if you kept them in a plastic bag or something like press and seal? If not they may have dried out.

  4. I have been a nail biter and cuticle picker my entire life and after using Color Street for 7 months my nails and hands HAVE NEVER BEEN HEALTHIER. There were immediate improvements and now after 7 months it just keeps getting better. During the 7 months I have done a weekly mani change (because I am so excited to try a new design or mixed mani) and *not one chip* – ever – on any of them! I hand wash dishes 2-3x daily, am on a computer all day, dig through a work bag and purse, and have even washed and hand waxed my car… NO CHIPS!.

    There are nail care and health steps that are important to follow as part of the prep before applying. I just wonder if that’s something missing or could be considered for those having bad experiences. I have no doubt this product is a game changer and hope others can experience the same rather than

  5. I feel the same way as the negatives. These strips have ruined my nails more than getting them dipped. They have chipped and just dont look good. My sister in law sells them and I have bought so many to help her and dont like them at all

  6. I’m in the same boat as the negative reviews. I finally broke down and bought some sets for my daughter and myself from my neighbor friend, who is a stylist. Only after 1-2 days, I saw wear and tear at the tips and cuticles. There was cracking after that. I did not put on a top coat so maybe that’s why. I then put on another set. The same thing happened. They do not last very long. Maybe 3-4 days before I didn’t like the way they looked. When I took them off after about 2 straight weeks of wearing them, my nails have been peeling and breaking ever since. It’s Feb. 17th now and I 1st applied them on Dec. 5th, 2020 for my daughter’s birthday. They are still really weak and brittle today. I’ve noticed that my nails have actually separated from the underneath skin on my 2 pinky finger tips, right now as I am writing this. I still have another set and do not want to use them again, if I’m going to have to go through this recovery phase. Not worth it!

  7. I had healthy nails before I used color street. After my first set was applied. My nails have been peeling. And will not stop peeling. My nails look awful.

    1. I’ve also tried Color Street several times. Each the same response: peeling, tearing, breaking nails that take months to return to health.

  8. I bought some to try. My nails were so long and beautiful before hand… and then after 2 weeks of having them on all my nails started breaking so I cut them super short. It’s been almost 2 months and my nail are STILL peeling and refuse to grow back out like before :'(

    1. I had the same issue! My nails were beautiful before using this and now they are brittle, peeling and just look awful. I want to love ColorStreet so badly!! I really do love the concept and the designs so I’m super bummed that I just can’t use these strips.

      1. Cassie , Ihad the same problem with my nails lifting off my fingers. I quit wearing wraps for several months. Now I’m wearing wraps for week, leave them off for at least 24 hours put a new set on at night. No problem. Hope this helps

    2. I love Color Street! My nails were in bad shape, peeling, chipping, you name it. I put nail strengthener on first and top coat after. My manicure lasts 2 weeks. That would help those who have trouble with peeling nails. For those who gave trouble with wanting mire smaller nails…use a larger one and trim it to fit with your thumb nail on the opposite hand or a cuticle stick. I’ll never be without Color Street again.

  9. I love them! Yes, some are thin and tear but once you get use to apply them, it’s all good. They are also made in the USA!

  10. I ordered from a party two different colors and neither one matched the picture. Both were darker than the pictures and shades were wrong also. Was looking forward to using these as I loved my sample I used . As I recently had surgery and can’t get out to return them I just wanted to share that maybe the photos should match the true colors better.

    1. Sorry that happened to you! I also hate when color is distorted in product pictures– it happens a lot with makeup even on packaging!

  11. I’m sure by now, people or even stylists may have let you in on a cool item color street has petites so for smaller nail beds this is perfect.

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