Budget Friendly Clean Beauty Staples

    I’ll admit that I don’t specifically prioritize using “clean” beauty products. It’s just not a leap that I’ve jumped into 100%. However, if I discover a clean product that performs really well, that’s just another point in my book to work its way into my daily routine. Lately, I noticed that some of my go-tos are, in fact, considered green beauty!

    Budget Friendly Clean Beauty Staples | Slashed Beauty

    These clean products are made with either natural or organic ingredients, and without chemicals or irritants. I’ve got makeup, skin care and body care that is good for me and/or the planet that have earned their keep in my collection.

    Clean Makeup Favorites

    Budget Friendly Clean Beauty Staples | Green Beauty from the Drugstore: Honest Beauty Liquid Lipstick | Slashed Beauty

    Honest Beauty Liquid Lipstick
    Because my lips have been pretty dry recently, I’ve been reaching for lipsticks that are moisturizing and comfortable to wear. The Honest Beauty Liquid Lipsticks fit the bill with their gorgeous shades, high pigment color, and hydrating formula made with coconut alkanes, avocado oil and hyaluronic acid. They’re silicone-free, frangrance-free, vegan and cruelty free. Not only do they provide high-impact color, but they make my lips look so smooth! See my in-depth review and swatches in this post.

    Budget Friendly Clean Beauty Staples | Green Beauty from the Drugstore: Physicians Formula Dewy Blush Elixir | Slashed Beauty

    Physicians Formula Dewy Blush Elixir
    Here’s a new addition to my makeup routine, and just in time for fall and winter. This liquid blush can be worn sheer or in layers for more color, and gives your skin a gorgeous radiance with the dewy finish. It’s made with organic superfruits (cranberry & blueberry), organic aloe vera, organic jojoba oil, and botanical cactus flower while also being fragrance-free, paraben-free and hypoallergenic. This not only gives a gorgeous flush of color to my cheeks, but actually makes my skin look healthier the second I put it on! I’m actually pretty obsessed with all of the brand’s new Organic Wear makeup. You can check out more from this line in this post.

    Clean Skin Care Favorites

    Budget Friendly Clean Beauty Staples | Green Beauty from the Drugstore: Derma E Acne Rebalancing Cream | Slashed Beauty

    Derma E Acne Rebalancing Cream
    This is an interesting product that had to grow on me, but now that I know how it works in my routine best, I’m loving it. The Acne Rebalancing Cream from Derma E helps clear and prevent breakouts using salicylic acid, tea tree oil, willow bark extract, lavender and chamomile. It has a gel-cream consistency that also promotes gentle exfoliation and unclogs pores. I do not use this as my moisturizer. While it feels good as you’re applying, it doesn’t actually hydrate my skin, and I’ll use it before a thicker cream. This cream (and most other products from Derma E) is GMO free, cruelty free, 100% vegan, gluten free, soy free and recyclable. The brand also has an environmental commitment they adhere to in order to offset 100% of their conventional electricity use with wind energy.

    Budget Friendly Clean Beauty Staples | Green Beauty: Farmacy Honey Savior | Slashed Beauty

    Farmacy Honey Savior
    One of my favorite discoveries this year, the Farmacy Honey Savior has been just that… a savior. I came across this product when researching what non-prescription salves I could be using for my eczema and random rashes I’ve been getting. (Apparently I break out on my legs when I’m stressed now, thanks adulthood!) Made with honey, an awesome natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredient, this helped with redness, itchiness, and inflammation overnight. It’s also great for treating super dry and cracked skin around the knuckles, cuticles, and even the lips. You may look at the price of this product and think it doesn’t belong in a budget-friendly roundup, but you really only need a pea-sized amount to cover a large area of skin, and the tube is quite large. So even though it’s not drugstore pricing, it will last a very long time. Plus, it’s been saving me from extra trips to my dermatologist because it addresses my skin concerns perfectly. (Obviously consult your dermatologist first if you’re having skin concerns, though.) Learn more about how this product helped me in my review in this post.

    Clean Body Favorites

    Budget Friendly Clean Beauty Staples | Green Beauty from the Drugstore: Tom's of Maine Natural Creamy Coconut Beauty Bar | Slashed Beauty

    Tom’s of Maine Natural Creamy Coconut Beauty Bar
    Since I live in a dry climate, I have to be a bit pickier with cleansing products and choose the ones that won’t leave my skin feeling stripped. I’ve been really liking the Tom’s of Maine Beauty Bar made with coconut oil, which feels so moisturizing and makes my skin feel softer than what I started with! It’s cruelty free with no added fragrance or dyes, and uses Rainforest Alliance Certified palm oil.

    Budget Friendly Clean Beauty Staples | Green Beauty from the Drugstore: Crystal Natural Deodorant | Slashed Beauty

    Crystal Deodorant
    I’ve talked about this product in a few blog posts as well as on my YouTube channel, and I’m still using it almost a year later— the same exact stone, too! I switched to natural deodorant for a number of reasons, but mostly because I wanted to avoid aluminum in antiperspirants that block sweat. I had experienced clogged glands that led to minor surgery, and had spent years looking for a natural deodorant that works. This one is a literal crystal of mineral salt that helps with odor-causing bacteria, but still lets your body sweat naturally. Even during my most intense workouts, this holds up. Check out my in-depth review of this deodorant in this post.

    Are any of your beauty staples considered clean beauty?


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