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Farmacy Honey Skin Care Products for Dry Skin

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May 6, 2019

Took a hot second, but I’m finally done doing damage control on my skin after the dry, harsh winter. Seriously, my face was freaking out. I had major dry patches that were flaking, and my complexion was looking hella dull. I was getting pretty desperate, and only had enough patience to try a couple more products before I ponied up for a facial.

Honey Skin Care Products for Dry Skin: Farmacy Honey Savior & Honey Potion Review | Slashed Beauty

That patience was reserved for two products that I’d seen mentioned on social media with great testimonials: Farmacy’s Honey Potion mask and Honey Savior salve. I knew that honey is a great anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial skin care ingredient used in many products targeting acne, with hydrating effects to boot. I figured these were worth a shot to tackle all my skin concerns at once.

Now let’s get one thing straight: these aren’t normally what I’d consider budget-friendly products, just based on my own beauty budget. However, there are two size options of each product— the smaller being a more affordable option. Plus, if you’re experiencing the same issues I was, buying both products may still be cheaper than a facial! Personally, if I find a skin care product that works well for me, I can justify the cost.

Honey Skin Care Products for Dry Skin: Farmacy Honey Potion Face Mask Review | Slashed Beauty

The first thing I did when these arrived at my door was slather on the Honey Potion face mask. It starts out with a true honey texture, thick and viscous. As soon as you start massaging the mask into the skin, though, it transforms into a thick cream consistency. What’s super cool about this mask is that it’s self-heating. As soon as you massage it into your skin, you’ll start to feel a warming effect. I love this not only for the relaxing feeling, but the warmth will help your pores open and absorb all the goodness. I love that it includes a spatula to help scoop product out, and it sticks to the lid with a magnet so you don’t worry about losing it.

Honey Skin Care Products for Dry Skin: Farmacy Honey Potion Face Mask Review | Slashed Beauty

The formula heals with honey, soothes with propolis, and nourishes dry skin with amino acid-rich royal jelly for a glow. It also has essential B vitamins for smoothing and glycerin in the formula locks in moisture. I’ve been using it once a week for about a month now, and I see a huge difference in my skin. Not only am I free of dry patches, but my skin is retaining moisture a lot better. My skin was also clearing up… before my period had to go and ruin that as usual! But in general, my skin is in much better shape than it was even a month ago, with more balance in hydration and a natural glow. I do have a warning for using this product though: keep it away from your eye area! When you’re rinsing, also be sure that it doesn’t run into your eye area as it can cause stinging.

Honey Skin Care Products for Dry Skin: Farmacy Honey Savior Salve Review | Slashed BeautyHoney Skin Care Products for Dry Skin: Farmacy Honey Savior Salve Review | Slashed Beauty

The Honey Savior salve definitely helped speed up the process of soothing dry spots. I applied a thin layer directly on specific dry areas of my face before bed, and they were visibly less red and flaky by morning. Even better: it helped clear up my eczema, which flares up a lot during winter! Usually I have to use prescription cream for that, but this did the trick. (Obligatory disclaimer, just to cover my butt: Please see a dermatologist if you’re experiencing skin conditions prior to treating.) It also worked for other rough areas such as my cuticles, knuckles, lips, elbows, and feet! This is truly an all-in-one when it comes to relieving dry skin. While the large tube at Sephora is $34, the small tube is only $12 and available directly on the Farmacy website. Don’t worry, a little goes a very very long way. The smallest amount can spread easily and intensely hydrate.

These honey skin care products whipped my skin into shape within two weeks. I now have zero dry patches, my skin’s baseline hydration has increased and feels more balanced, more bouncy and looks more radiant. Thank goodness, since now that the weather is warming up I’m more about fresh-faced looks!

What else should you know about Farmacy beauty? It’s cruelty free, fragrance free, and mineral oil free among other “clean commandments” the brand pledges to uphold. While it’s definitely more expensive than most of my go-tos, I think skin care products that work perfectly for your skin type are always worth the money. Especially with these two products, where they will last you a long while.

Have you tried any products from Farmacy beauty?

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  1. Kim
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing this review! I’m still working on finding the right products and routine for my skin so I’m looking forward to trying the mask.

    ~Kimberly | The Sitting Beauty Diaries

    • Miranda
      | Reply

      It’s been a lifesaver for me!

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