7 Uplifting Quarantine Activities That Aren’t Cleaning

7 Uplifting Quarantine Activities That Aren’t Cleaning | Quarantine Activities for Adults | Slashed Beauty

While some are taking advantage of the quarantine by doing uninterrupted spring cleaning, some of us are feeling a little less productive— and that’s okay! The isolation affects everyone in different ways, and I’ve just been looking to feel a little bit more normal and cheery. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good organization sesh, but it’s just not what’s going to perk me up right now.

If you’re also looking for uplifting quarantine activities that aren’t cleaning, here are a few ways I’m coping and staying in good spirits while social distancing.

Have an At Home Spa Day

Having an At Home Spa Day while Social Distancing | 7 Uplifting Quarantine Activities That Aren’t Cleaning | Slashed Beauty

I’ve definitely done this a couple times since the Stay At Home orders went into effect. Draw a bubble bath. Use those sheet masks you’ve been hoarding. Paint your nails. Shape your brows. Put on a hair mask. Especially after sitting at home in the same pajamas for a couple days, pampering myself made me feel special and less tense. You can even try some DIY beauty recipes to get creative!

At-Home Spa Day Ideas:

Experiment With Your Hair Color

If you’ve ever wanted to try a new hair color but have been afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, now is a better time than ever (especially if you’re free from work or school dress code restraints). Using a semi-permanent color will give you a new shade that last 6-8 weeks, depending on the brand and your hair care routine. My recommendations are Arctic Fox or Overtone, which both come in a range of fun bright hues.

Shop Your Closet

I’ve missed the simple process of getting dressed, even though I have nowhere to go! I recently tried shopping my closet, which entails trying on clothes I haven’t worn in a while to create new outfits. You can check out an example of this in the video above. Take a #WhatIWouldBeWearing OOTD pic to post to Instagram, so the outfit doesn’t go to waste! I’ve also done this with my makeup collection, digging in the back of my drawers to rediscover old favorites.

Dress Up for a Date Night Indoors

This one was actually my husband’s idea, and boy did it put me in the best mood! Having a date night at home is the perfect quarantine activity for couples to keep the romance alive. I don’t mean plopping down in front of the TV with your meal, though. Pull out some candles, get dressed as if you were really going out, and enjoy each other’s company. You can even order dinner and dessert from your favorite restaurant to complete the experience.

Enjoy the Outdoors with a Picnic in the Park

Have a Picnic while Quarantining | Quarantine Activities for Couplesj | 7 Uplifting Quarantine Activities That Aren’t Cleaning | Slashed Beauty

Obviously this activity should be done with caution, and only if you’re able to maintain a safe distance away from other people. A picnic is a great quarantine activity for families or couples that will give you fresh air and a fun way to enjoy a meal. It’s also a great excuse to get dressed up.

Read Outside in the Sunshine

Do you have a book you’ve been putting off reading? Soak up some rays (maybe even while on your picnic!) and bury yourself in a good story. Try an Amazon Audible for audio books– you can get two free titles with the free trial. Getting some sunshine can do wonders for your mood, just remember to use SPF!

Try an At Home Workout

Staying active can help boost your mood and combat any stress-eating happening right now (again, totally not judging. I’ve been doing serious carb-loading!). You don’t need a lot of space or a bunch of equipment for a great workout. Even a simple jump rope can help get your heart going and the juices flowing. Check out my favorite at home workout gear to help you stay moving, or search for at home workout videos on YouTube.

Share your own quarantine activity ideas in the comments!

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