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Brighten Your Day with the Wet n Wild Bretman Rock Shadow Palette

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March 27, 2020

If you need a little something to brighten your beauty routine, the Wet n Wild Bretman Rock Shadow Palette is just the thing. This palette is full of bright, fun colors but also houses enough wearable shades for everyday use, too. It’s a great way to jump into spring and summer, and play with color in an easy way.

One of my favorite things about the Jungle Rock palette is how the shades are organized. If you look at the palette two columns at a time, you can get a good idea of what shades will work well together. Columns 1+2, 3+4, and 4+5 give you a great starting point for mixing and matching. Of course, there are no rules here and you can definitely freestyle.

Some shades in the palette are stronger than others. I was most attracted to the greens, which we don’t see a lot in drugstore palettes. While they translated to the skin true to pan color, and didn’t become muddy when blended, it did take a while to build them up. Glitter shades such as Big Peacock Energy and King of the Jungle work much better when applied with the fingers— swiping on with a brush looks dull and patchy while packing on with the finger gives you opaque glitter coverage. I was particularly impressed with the reds, Pounce On ‘Em and Tou-Can Play At That Game, which were incredibly vibrant with just one swipe.

Something to note, though: this palette is messy AF. Both with kick-up in the palette and fall-out on the face, the shadow will sorta end up everywhere if you’re not delicate with them. Be gentle when dipping your brush in to pick up pigment, and think about wearing shadow shields to keep pigment from falling onto your face.

Even with some of the finicky shades, I absolutely love the looks I’ve been able to create with this palette. It has just enough variety in tones and finishes to really deliver a ton of unique looks. The inclusion of staple neutrals like black, brown, champagne and cream make it incredibly wearable and gives the palette balance.

You can find the Wet n Wild Bretman Rock Shadow Palette on the brand’s website for $14.99!

Can you see yourself rocking the Jungle Rock palette? Which shades attract you the most?

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