11 Must-Have At Home Workout Gear Picks from Amazon

Do you prefer working out at home or at the gym? I know some people prefer at home workouts due to factors such as time, money, having kids, or just liking solitutde. The truth is, you can get an awesome workout at home if you have the right gear and equipment. These fitness picks from Amazon are exercise staples, whether you’re building up a basic home gym, or maybe you just want a few things that can help maximize at-home workouts. And don’t worry, apartment dwellers, these are all awesome choices if you have limited space to work out and store your equipment, too.

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Please note: Due to recent events, fitness equipment is selling out fast on Amazon. I’m doing my best to update these links with similar in-stock items weekly.
11 Must-Have At Home Workout Gear Picks from Amazon | Workout Equipment for At Home Exercise | Apartment Workouts

1. AmazonBasics Extra Thick Exercise Mat
I prefer thicker exercise mats to help ease impact of floor exercises. Sometimes yoga mats just don’t cut it for cushioning a hard floor. This is one of my favorite mats, which comes with its own carrying strap and measures at 1/2-inch thickness. It’s incredibly comfortable for floor exercises like planks, hollow holds, and leg lifts.

2. AmazonBasics Flat Weight Bench
While you can definitely use what you already have at home in lieu of a workout bench, sometimes it’s just nice to have one handy for weight lifting, bench hops, incline push ups or even tricep dips. This is a very basic and affordable weight bench from Amazon that’s easy to assemble and won’t take up a ton of room.

3. LetsFit Resistance Loop Bands (Set of 5)
Resistance bands are an affordable total-body workout tool that can help you elevate your routine. They’re incredibly versatile and add external resistance for your muscles without the need for actual weights. Again, a super travel-friendly workout tool that takes up virtually no space while offering you so many ways to exercise with them. This set of five comes with a range of resistance power so you can work your way up as you train.

4. Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit
I used a balance ball for apartment workouts for years. You can use them for total-body strength training, but they are especially great for working the core. Not only can you do entire workout routines using the ball as your only tool, but you can also use it as your desk seating to engage your core while working at the computer or on homework.

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5. Single Resistance Tube with Handles
Another type of resistance tool is a tube with handles. Resistance bands and tubes are incredibly similar and can often be substituted for each other, but some may find the tube with handles easier to maneuver for some exercises. Resistance tubes typically last longer than the flat bands, and are also more appropriate for heavier exercises.

6. Fitness Twist Stepper
A compact stepper machine is an awesome piece of equipment to use in small spaces for at-home workouts. I used one for years throughout college in my dorm and apartments. Later, I even kept one at the office to do during breaks between long periods of sitting. This stepper will help you tone the booty and legs, and you can definitely get your heart rate up depending on your speed and resistance. I loved using this in front of the TV, making my workout feel like it went by in a flash.

7. Ab Roller Wheel
It’s simple, but it’ll get your abs burning! An ab roller is perfect for at-home sculpting, easy to use and great for small spaces. This roller includes a knee pad and has soft grip handles to help make the movement more comfortable for you. Your purchase also comes with a knee pad, a fitness training e-book and a nutrition e-book.

8. Dumbbell Set with Stand
Dumbbells are a must-have if you’re looking to tone the arms. This set of three pairs comes with a stand, and you can choose between 4 weight combination options. The dumbbells are coated in neoprene for a secure and comfortable grip.

9. Medicine Ball
Medicine balls are perfect for balance, arm, and core exercises. I use them all the time for Russian Twists or just adding a challenge to my sit ups. They are also great for slam ball moves or tossing to a workout partner! Best of all, they’re another low-cost and compact piece of workout equipment that can really work up a sweat.

10. Speed Jump Rope
Jumping rope is an awesome way to get your heart rate up and work those legs! I’ve been starting my day with 10 minutes of jump rope every morning to burn an extra 100 calories before I even have my morning coffee. This is the exact jump rope I use. It’s easy to adjust for your height, and rotates smoothly so you can build up and maintain speed. Plus, it’s super lightweight, so I’ve even packed it for travel as well!

11. Apple Watch
The Apple Watch is one of my favorite exercise accessories. It helps give a closer look at my progress and workout statistics, like calories burned and heart rate. The Series 3 is now pretty discounted after the new model’s release, and still has most of the features you want to track your activity. Tracking my activity has played a big part in getting in shape and understanding what works for me.

What do you use for at home workouts?


  1. My apple watch is my favorite staple to my bike rides and my at home gym. I love mine I sometimes miss my Fitbit but all the stuff I can do and have it compatible with my phone is great!

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