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5 Drugstore Dupes of High End Favorites to Try Now

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January 23, 2018

Hey #SlashedSquad! I’m still in Thailand, basking in honeymoon bliss. So, I recruited some of my beauty blogging friends to take over for a couple days! Today, Katie of From My Vanity is sharing some killer drugstore dupes of hyped high end products. Show her some love!


Who doesn’t love finding a legit dupe? If you can save a few dollars and still get the results of the high end version…well, who can argue with that? I love discovering dupes for high end products I love and I’ve been sharing them in my Dupe or Dud series whenever I come across them. Today I’ve compiled a round-up of the 5 best drugstore dupes I’ve found for high end products. Trust me when I tell you that you’re going to want to go pick these cheaper alternatives up ASAP!

1. LORAC PRO Palette Dupe: Makeup Revolution Iconic PRO 1

Original: $44 // Dupe: $12

The LORAC PRO Palette is a classic in the beauty community so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that many brands have tried to dupe it. I decided to try Makeup Revolution’s dupe called the Iconic PRO 1 to see if it could hold its own against the LORAC PRO. If you don’t mind spending a few extra seconds building up pigmentation, you can definitely recreate the same type of looks that you could get with the LORAC PRO palette. See Katie’s original dupe post here for more photos and details.

2. LORAC Front of the Line PRO Liquid Liner Dupe: Physicians Formula Eye Booster

Original: $23 // Dupe: $7.99

My favorite way to get a winged liner, on the days I can’t be bothered with a gel pot and brush, is this type of shake-it-up pen liquid liner. Along with being extremely easy to use, the thin, bristled tip makes it easy to get a very fine line for your wing. The LORAC Front of the Line PRO liquid liner changed my life when I fist discovered it. It made doing a wing so quick and easy. But at $23…it always gave me a pause when I went to repurchase. Which is what made me go on a hunt at my local drugstore and I discovered that the Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner & Serum in Ultra Black is an exact dupe! Seriously, you can’t tell a difference between the two! See Katie’s original dupe post here for more photos and details.

3. IT Cosmetics Tightline Mascara Dupe: NYX Skinny Mascara

Original: $24 // Dupe: $6.99

Do you struggle with putting mascara on your lower lashes? Then you’re probably familiar with this type of mascara. IT Cosmetics created their Tightline Mascara that’s supposed to act as a primer to prep your lashes and coat them from the very bottom to the top…but I love using this mascara specifically for my lower lashes. No more accidental mascara smudges from the larger wands! But the IT Cosmetics Tightline is $24! And for a product you have to replace every 3-4 months…that adds up quickly! Which is where the NYX Skinny Mascara comes in — it performs just as well as the high end version, and it’s a fraction of the cost! See Katie’s original dupe post here for more photos and details.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette Dupe: Wet n Wild Color Icon Rose In the Air

Original: $42 // Dupe: $4.99

When we saw the photos of the new 10 pan palettes from Wet n Wild, everyone immediately saw the intent of the Rose in the Air palette. If that didn’t look like it was trying to be a dupe for the well-loved Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette…I don’t know what does. So I put these two head to head…and the Wet n Wild palette held it’s own! If you want to see side-by-side swatches of these two palettes, along with all the similarities and differences, definitely check out my original post. But, to keep it short and sweet…this $5 palette is totally a dupe and you should run — not walk — to get your hands on this palette! See Katie’s original dupe post here for more photos and details.

5. LORAC Light Source Highlighter Dupe: Pixi Glow-Y Powder

Original: $23 // Dupe: $16

I don’t hear many people talking about the LORAC Light Source highlighters, but they’re seriously a hidden gem! They’re not the most affordable when you consider the price and how much product you get in the compact, which is why I was so excited when I discovered that the Pixi + Aspyn Ovard Glow-Y Powder collaboration in Santorini Sunset was an exact dupe for the LORAC highlighter in Daylight. I’m talking identical! Check out the swatches below to see for yourself, but if you enjoy a bright highlight that still looks natural on your skin…you need to get your hands on Santorini Sunset! See Katie’s original dupe post here for more photos and details.

There you have it, 5 dupes of high end products that you can purchase right now at your local drugstore for a fraction of the price! Let me know if there are any other drugstore dupes I should investigate next for my dupe or dud series, and happy saving in the meantime!

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    These are looking amazing !!
    I want to buy these products but these are not available in India.
    I especially fall in love with ” LORAC Eye Booseter” it has lovely application brush.

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