Fitness Gift Guide: 12 Workout Gifts for Her

    This year was probably the first that I really stuck to my New Years Resolution of being consistently more active. I’ve been a certified gym junkie since February, and have slowly accumulated my own fitness faves when it comes to workout gear that helps me feel great and look great during and after my routine.

    I’ve got a ton of fitness gifts on my own wishlist, which I’ve included in this gift guide along with tried and true go-tos of my own that I swear by during my workout sessions.

    Click the photo to find the fitness gift online.

    Fitness Gift Guide: 12 Workout Gifts for Her | Slashed Beauty

    1. GoFit Workout Gloves
    If your sporty friend does any weight lifting, crossfit, or bootcamp classes, gloves are an awesome idea to help her take her workouts farther. They’ll protect the hands so that she can push herself without roughing up her skin or feeling the sharp friction of ropes, pull up bars and heavy weights.

    2. FlipBelt Running Belt
    Arguably the best running accessory, the FlipBelt gives you a place to store all of your important carry-alongs while you run without them jingling around in pockets. This running belt has no clasps or buckles, so you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable chafing or pinching. Perfect for outdoor runners!

    3. ENACFIRE Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
    These were one of my best Amazon purchases of the year! Bluetooth headphones can make a workout so much more enjoyable, since you’re not tethered to your phone or other music device. The buds give you full range of motion without getting tangled up. I love how the case charges up the buds every time you put them away, keeping them topped off until your next charge.

    4. Marika Eclipse Side Pocket Capri Leggings
    Leggings with pockets, do I need to say more? These pockets are great for keeping your smartphone close-by and hands free. These leggings are breathable with a Coolmax Gusset and Dry-Wik fabric. The high rise waistband is super comfortable, perfect for any workout.

    5. Kuston Gym Bag with Shoes Compartment
    If you’re shopping for a girl-on-the-go, who hits the gym before or after a day of work or class, a great gym bag is essential. I love this one that keeps shoes separate from everything else, so you don’t have to worry about mixing dirty sneakers with a clean change of clothes! It’s roomy and durable, with a waterproof compartment to keep wet items separated as well.

    6. Tone It Up Booty Bands
    These toning bands are great for girls who workout at home and need compact ways to exercise! The set of two includes light and medium strength bands to help tone the legs and booty. They come with a travel bag so the workout can be taken on the go!

    7. Apple Watch Series 4
    Definitely a splurge gift, but my Apple Watch is my best fitness companion due to the advanced tracking abilities. I upgraded from a Fitbit this year, and the difference is dramatic. I get to see so much information about my activity throughout the day… plus I can answer texts or change the song in the middle of my workout from my wrist!

    8. SimpleModern Insulated Water Bottle
    I prefer taking a nice long sip of ice cold water when I’m hot and sweaty after a workout. This water bottle keeps drinks cold for so long! I’ve even filled it up with ice at night, and the next day it still had intact ice cubes inside! It just makes for a more refreshing hydration during exercise.

    9. Stand Steady Convertible Standing Desk
    Fitness isn’t just about what happens at the gym or out on your run. It’s about the choices you make throughout your whole day. In a day in age where most of us our sitting for hours at work, I’ve added the Stand Steady Standing Desk to my office to help me get on my feet more. It sits right on top of a normal desk and can be lifted and lowered depending on if you want to be up or sitting. I alternate a few times a day to help my body stay moving.

    10. YUNI Chillax Recovery Gel
    Have a sporty girl in your life who mentions she’s sore after a workout? This gel soothes inflammation with a cooling effect that feels so great over sore muscles and helps your body recover with natural ingredients like arnica, peppermint and green tea extract. It’s a staple for me after an incredibly challenging bootcamp class!

    11. Microfiber Sports Towel
    I can’t stand the feel of sweat dripping down my face to be honest, so a towel is essential for my workouts. I love microfiber towels particularly because they wipe away moisture quickly and are fast-drying. This one comes in several different sizes depending on what you want to use it for!

    12. ErgoErgo Seat
    Another item for a more fit life outside of the gym, this ergonomic seat has the benefits of sitting on a medicine ball but with more stability. The ErgoErgo seat engages your core and keeps your lower body moving while you sit at your desk. I like it better than sitting on a ball because I don’t have to worry about it rolling away while I’m not on it.


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