Winter Outfit Staples That Match Everything

This winter, I’m trying to avoid adding a ton of new clothes to my closet. I already have so much, and I know I can style old clothes into fresh outfits with a few easy tweaks and accessories. The new pieces I am curating, however, are outfit staples that match everything. These are pieces that can elevate any outfit and are easy to style. Some are bargain finds, some are splurges, but they’re all getting a lot of use this season as I’m wearing them practically non-stop.

Winter Outfit Staples That Match Everything | Open Tweed Jacket | Louis Vuitton Locky BB Mod Shot | Slashed Beauty

First up, my new tweed jacket from Bollie Brand, a small online retailer I just discovered that focuses on ethically made, quality products. This upcoming year, I want to focus more on investing in quality clothes that will last me a while versus fast fashion that can’t hold up through a single wash cycle. It’s smarter financially, and better for the environment. This is the perfect statement outerwear piece that’s still neutral enough to match with anything. It’s flowy and long, and my favorite part— it has deep pockets! It’s true to the site’s sizing chart, which I wish I would have trusted when ordering, since the size Small is just a tad tight in my shoulders. But I’ll live!

Winter Outfit Ideas | Layered Outfit Ideas | Open Tweed Jacket | Louis Vuitton Locky BB Mod Shot | Slashed Beauty

Most of winter, you’ll find me in black leggings. Casual outfit? Sweater, sneakers, and black leggings. Dressy outfit? Blouse, heels, and black leggings. Yep, I’m that girl— call me basic, I don’t care! Since I wear leggings as pants, I need a pair that are thick and not see through, even if I’m bending over. These Matty M Everywhere Leggings were a surprise! They’re only $14.99 at Costco, of all places, and they’re my new favorites. They also have a wide waistband that stays up and even offers a bit of tummy control.

Winter Outfit Ideas | Louis Vuitton Locky BB Mod Shot | Born Cove Chelsea Block Heel Booties | Slashed Beauty

I am obsessed with these new booties of mine- they’re the Cove Chelsea style from Born, and are made from waterproof suede! I LOVE a shoe I don’t have to worry about getting caught wearing in weather. They have a slight block heel, but they’re incredibly comfortable and easy to slip on and off (even if I’m wearing chunky socks). The “Mustang Taupe” color is a grayish beige that’s pretty universal, but they come in several color options.

If you kept up with me on social media during my Paris trip earlier this year, you know that I had the ultimate #treatyourself day at Louis Vuitton. You can watch my shopping experience in this youtube video, but this bag is one of the two I took home. It’s the 2019 Locky BB and basically my most prized possession. I was worried that I’d have trouble styling a red purse, as I’m much more of a black bag type of girl, but I quickly realized that my wardrobe is neutral enough that this always adds a welcome pop of color to my outfits. It’s also perfect for making my entire OOTD look much more impressive than it actually is… the magic of a designer bag I guess!

Finally, my ultimate winter accessory: a wide brim felt hat. Whether it’s windy out, or I’m just rocking my messy natural waves, a hat adds the perfect finishing touch and makes me feel way more put together. I feel like a hat always makes it look like I tried a bit harder. In a full sweatsuit? Wear a hat! In a t-shirt and jeans? Wear a hat! It really does work wonders.

Major thanks to my girl Stephanie from Home in High Heels for taking photos for this post!

What are your outfit go-tos that match everything for easy styling?


  1. You look terrific in these pieces. I always think of Vegas as warm but I haven’t been there much in the winter. Those look like great clothes for your climate.

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