Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Beauty Tools & Accessories

Some of the best beauty gifts, in my opinion, are tools and accessories that will help streamline a routine, or add something special, and that will become a staple for years to come. They’re the gifts that keep on giving, and that can really step up your looks or enhance the effects of your products.

These beauty tools will be much appreciated by any beauty lover, but some are practical bath & body gifts for the average person too! A few of these are all-time favorites of mine, tried and true.

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Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Beauty Tools & Accessories Gifts

1. Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Set ($19.99)
Real Techniques makes some of my favorite budget-friendly makeup brushes that perform like expensive ones. They’re all synthetic and soft, and help apply product more precisely. This set includes four brushes and a blending sponge that fit into an everyday makeup routine.


  • RT 400 Blush – tapered, soft and fluffy bristles. Blend powder blush evenly for a smooth, natural look
    Miracle Complexion Sponge – soft, flexible. Blend liquid and cream foundation into a luminous, dewy finish

  • RT 300 Deluxe Crease – short, dense bristles. layer and blend cream and powder eyeshadows evenly into eye crease
  • RT 402 Setting – soft and fluffy bristles. dust on highlighting or setting powders precisely for natural looking illumination
  • RT 200 Expert Face – firm bristles. buff liquid or cream foundation to a glowing, flawless finish

2. Revlon One-Step Dryer & Volumizer ($59.99)
I partnered with Revlon recently on a how-to video about this tool, and I’ve been using it consistently ever sine for quick & smooth hair styling. The One-Step Dryer & Volumizer lets you go from wet to dry and styled so much more quickly and effectively. I have a lot of hair, and it takes forever to style. This cuts down styling time dramatically, plus leaves me with a sleek style I love.

3. FOREO Luna 2 Facial Cleansing Device ($139.30)
I’ve been using Luna devices for the past 4 years and my skin care routine has never been the same. I absolutely love this cleansing device, which doesn’t require any replacement parts and uses silicone for a more hygienic tool. The touchpoints gently exfoliate while working your cleanser into your skin, and I definitely felt a difference after one use. You can read my more in-depth review and comparison between models here.

4. The Vintage Cosmetic Company Make-Up Melts ($14.95)
Makeup remover towels have become super popular over the past several years— they’re made of a special material that can take your makeup off with just water! Plus, since they’re reusable, you’ll be saving a ton of money if you’re switching from wipes.

5. It Brushes for Ulta Your Must-Have Luxe Brush Roll ($25)
I’ve been using a brush roll to travel with my brushes lately, and I really like it! They keep your brushes together, clean and compact for smaller travel bags. This roll from It Cosmetics can hold up to 36 brushes, and the faux-leather material is waterproof and easy to clean.

6. Turbie Twist Wet Day Dry Day Combo ($6.99)
My hair washing ritual is a sacred one, and I can’t live without a good shower cap and turban towel. I don’t wash my hair every day, so a good shower cap is essential to make sure that I’m not getting my hair wet when I don’t want it to be. The microfiber turban helps absorb the most water out of your hair without causing breakage or frizziness.

7. Sephora Collection False Lash Tool Kit ($20)
Stunning lashes require the right tools! This kit comes with three products to help you master the false lash game.


  • brush tip lash adhesive
  • the bullseye lash applicator
  • scissors to customize the lashes to your eye shape

8. Invisibobble Traceless Hair Rings ($7.95)
I’m super preachy about coiled hair ties— they’re perfect for keeping your hair securely in place without headaches or dents when you take them out. Especially when you have as much hair as I do, they work really well for workouts.

9. Daily Concepts Daily Jade Facial Roller ($16)
Facial rolling is having a moment this year in skin care. If you don’t know much about it, check out this post here.This is my favorite jade face roller, since it’s affordable but still made of real jade and works very smoothly. A face roller is an awesome and relaxing addition to any skin care routine to help depuff and boost circulation.

10. Neutrogena Acne Clearing Red and Blue Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment ($16.96)
Give the gift of an at-home acne treatment similar to spas! This tool lets you spot treat blemishes using red and blue light therapy to reduce inflammation and kill acne-causing bacteria.

What beauty tools do you hope to get as a holiday gift?


  1. Mmm, holiday spa treatment 🙂 It’s not too dissimilar from the Wild As The Wind FACIAL OIL No. 2, which also heals acne and associated scars… as well as being incredibly rejuvenating 🙂


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