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Why You Should Always Travel with Argan Oil

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August 16, 2018

Sponsored by Cococare. All opinions my own.

When it comes to traveling, it can be hard to figure out how to pack light without sacrificing your beauty routine, especially for longer trips. So many must-haves and routine essentials that you can’t live without means for a weighed-down and cluttered travel beauty bag. Luckily, there is actually a product that is so multipurpose that it can serve as a staple in your hair routine, skin routine, and then some.

That’s right: I’m talking about Argan Oil. One bottle of 100% Moroccan Argan Oil has so many beauty benefits and uses at home and on the go, and can actually take place of several different products at once. This is probably not news to you though— you’ve probably got a few beauty faves that already use Argan Oil as an ingredient. But when you have a bottle of 100% Natural Argan Oil, the power is in your hands as far as how many ways you choose to use it.

For my upcoming week-long vacation to Mexico, I’m bringing a bottle of Cococare 100% Natural Moroccan Argan Oil with me. It’s a TSA-friendly bottle that I’ll be reaching for from start to finish during my trip. Truly natural Argan Oil has a lightweight feel and no noticeable fragrance, so it’s safe to use across skin and hair types. Don’t buy an Argan Oil product for hair and think you can use it on your face and body too— stick with 100% Natural Argan Oil for the best results and natural qualities. This bottle from Cococare is my fave at only $5.75 (cheaper than a lot of drugstore brands!)— plus use the code FREESP for free shipping on cococare.com for U.S. orders valid through 9/15/18. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Keep reading to discover some of my favorite beauty benefits of Argan Oil on vacation to help lighten up your travel bag.

Using Argan Oil on Your Hair

No matter what climate you’re traveling to, Argan Oil will come in extremely handy for keeping your hair healthy and manageable. It provides hydration and nourishment with Vitamin E and helps protect your hair from the environment. I love using Argan Oil as a hair serum as it helps with anti-frizz and sealing split ends. I run it through my hair while it’s damp, and let it dry with my hair. I’ll use it again before any heat styling, as it will act as a thermal protectant. Adding a bit once I’m done styling adds shine and tames flyaways while restoring needed moisture after being exposed to heat. You only need a few drops as it spreads through the hair easily, and the lightweight feel of 100% Natural Argan Oil makes it perfect for daily use.

Specifically in drier climates, perhaps on a winter vacation, you may want to treat yourself to a hair mask. Apply Argan Oil from your scalp to the ends of your hair, wear a hair scarf to bed and rinse it out in the morning. It will act as a deep conditioner and you’ll be left with moisturized, silky strands.

Using Argan Oil on Your Face

100% Argan Oil absorbs easily, letting all the Vitamin E and fatty acids sink in without a heavy residue feeling. It’s also non-comedogenic, meaning it wont clog your pores. This makes it perfect for using in your skin care routine, no matter what your skin type. If you have oily skin, applying more oil to your face may seem scary, but it actually works to balance and control your oil production while acting as a natural all-over moisturizer. You can also use Argan Oil on your face as an acne treatment— aside from oil control, the anti-inflammatory properties will help shrink whiteheads and soothe redness. The antioxidants in Argan Oil have anti-aging benefits, and soothe other conditions like eczema as well.

Aside from using Argan Oil as a face moisturizer, it’s also perfect for removing makeup… it even takes off waterproof mascara in just a few swipes! You can use a cotton round to remove makeup from the eyes or lips (it melts hard-to-remove liquid lipsticks!) or rub some together in your hands and apply in circular motions all over the face to break down product. As it removes makeup, dirt and impurities, it hydrates at the same time.

In drier climates, I love using Argan Oil as a lip mask. I’m prone to dry lips and it’s my least favorite feeling ever, so rubbing a bit of Argan Oil on top of them soothes the soreness and helps replenish their moisture so they can be lipstick-ready.

Using Argan Oil on Your Body

Here’s where 100% Argan Oil will come in really handy while on the go! There are so many ways to use it all over your body to replace even more products in your travel bag.

Argan Oil is a great shaving product— it can be used in place of a shaving cream and aftershave lotion, and it helps prevent and treat razor bumps and razor burn. The soothing properties also help treat sunburn if you’ve been having a little too much exposure to the sun while on vacation.

If you’re doing a lot of walking while exploring new places, blisters are inevitable. Argan Oil helps soothe the pain of blisters while also preventing infections, reducing inflammation and increasing healing time. It will also repair cracked heels, which are common if you’re doing a lot of walking in sandals. (While you’re at it, add it to cracked knuckles, too. I experience them all the time in cold weather!)

Finally, did you know you can use 100% Argan Oil to treat bug bites!?! Oh how I wish I knew this when I was in Thailand being eaten up left and right! It helps soothe the itching and puffiness.

So just right there, we’ve basically replaced hair serum, heat protectant, a hair mask, face moisturizer, acne treatment, makeup remover, lip balm, shaving cream, aloe lotion, foot cream, hand lotion, and bug bite cream all with one bottle of 100% Natural Argan Oil. So don’t forget your bottle next time you travel so you can keep your bag light and your beauty routine complete.

Pick up a 2 fl oz bottle of Cococare 100% Natural Moroccan Argan Oil for just $5.75 and use the code FREESP for free shipping on cococare.com for U.S. orders valid through 9/15/18. Cannot be combined with other offers.

What do you use Argan Oil for in your beauty routine?

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  1. Courtney
    | Reply

    I agree! Argan oil saved my butt last time I was in NYC. My scalp freaked out so I put argan oil on it to soothe it.

  2. Cindy
    | Reply

    Great post, I need to pick up this up and keep in my travel bag.

  3. MarciaF
    | Reply

    For that price it’s a steal. My husband gets eaten by bugs and this would be great for that alone.

  4. neversaydiebeauty
    | Reply

    Excellent tips! I really need to pick up that Cococare travel size!

  5. Lola Seicento
    | Reply

    I have ben using pure Organ Oil for so many years, and I use it from head to toe. This is such a great price, and it’s great that it’s a TSA compliant size! I have never tried this brand, but will have to when I run out of my current bottles!

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