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BH Cosmetics Liquid Linen Lipsticks Review

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August 15, 2018

BH Cosmetics hasn’t been on my radar a lot this year, but after a few of their new releases showed up across my desk, I was excited to dive in. The brand has a special place in my heart as one of my first ventures into budget beauty after spending all my allowance at Sephora throughout high school. Over the years, they’ve really been stepping it up with the quality and trendiness of their products, so I wanted to share with you one of their latest launches: the BH Cosmetics Liquid Linen Lipsticks.

Mhmm, another liquid lipstick launch. Do you have enough already? Is there such a thing? Well, these are definitely worth exploring due to their comfortable texture and beautiful finish.

But before we get into that, I have to point out something that’s super important when buying the Liquid Linen Lipsticks.

The colors depicted on the website do not match the actual shades of the lipstick. I repeat: don’t buy these based on the product photos! I was first confused as I was unboxing the tubes, because they didn’t match the photos on the actual packaging. Thinking maybe I just got faded boxes, I checked out the pictures on the brand’s website and again— there were some big differences between what they show and what you get. Even the shade descriptions didn’t really match up to what I was seeing when I applied the product to my lips. Above, you can see three shades compared to their boxes and how different they look. Crazy, right?

With that said, let’s get into the swatches so you can see what these shades really look like.


Martha is a pale nude pink/beige.


Natalie is a very cool pink with a greige feel to it.


Shelby is a petal pink.


Evelyn is a muted peach.


Carin is a cool coral pink.


Monica is a mauve with slight purple undertones to it.


Jacqueline is one of my favorites in this line, a beautiful rich berry tone.


Maria is a classic bombshell red.


Mel is a bright hot orange.


Giuliana is a reddish brown.

So here’s the thing, despite the major oversight in terms of how the brand is picturing the shades versus what you get, the colors are actually really pretty. However, had I ordered a few expecting what was on the site, I would have been pretty upset with the discrepancy.

If you go in knowing what’s going on though, then I think you could really get on board with these lipsticks. Not only are the actual shades very pretty, but the formula itself is really nice. The lipstick is very lightweight and more liquid than it is creamy. The finish is a true flat matte, which sometimes scares people off because of the common dry feeling that matte brings. While these do inevitably dry down, they don’t feel tight or uncomfortable. When it sets, it feels sort of just like a second skin— it’s flexible and moves with your lips instead of restricting them or cracking when you make expressions. With that said, I definitely still suggest exfoliating prior to application to get the smoothest finish possible.

The pigmentation is pretty great across the board. I will say that the lighter shades tend to be streaky with their first layer, but let it completely dry and add a second one to get opaque coverage. The medium/deeper shades look great in one swipe and don’t need more than a thin layer.

I’ve experienced pretty decent wear time with the Liquid Linen lipsticks as well. As with most liquid lipsticks, the hardest area to keep color on is the inner portion of the lip where it’s slightly wet. That’s the area that I see fade the quickest. However, the color clings on to the rest of the lip— I see only the smallest amount of transfer on cups or water bottles from that inner portion. Oily food will break it down though, so bring it with you for touch-ups if you plan on eating.

For $7 the BH Cosmetics Liquid Linen Lipsticks are overall a great option if you’ve been looking for liquid lipsticks with a true, flat matte finish with a comfortable formula. Just be sure to pick out your shades according to swatches, not the photos on the website.

What do you think about the differences between the product photos and swatches?

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  1. Marcey
    | Reply

    So glad I checked google which led me to your blog. I’ve been eyeing Carin & Jacqueline but now know they’re nothing close to what I hoped for. Thanks for your honesty!

    • Miranda
      | Reply

      So glad that this helped you!

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