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Gym Bag & Travel Must Have: Bliss Cleansing Sticks Review

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August 20, 2018

What beauty product in your routine is difficult for you to take on the go? For me personally, it’s face wash. Whether I’m traveling out of town or throwing it in my gym bag, there’s always the potential for things to get messy. It’s also yet another liquid I have to fit in my one-quart bag to get through TSA, and the one that probably takes up the most space because I never want to be without a skin care staple.

Recently, I’ve been seeing a few new “cleansing sticks” hitting shelves and while I was skeptical at first, I couldn’t deny how convenient they seemed. A solid face wash that’s compact and portable? I needed to check them out, especially with so many travel plans this year.

The Bliss Cleansing Sticks landed across my desk just in time for my summer vacation. Especially for a week-long trip, I had really been dreading packing all of my skin care. I thought these could be a good alternative to help me pack lighter and neater… as long as they worked!

There are three different versions currently available: the Bliss Cold Pressed Olive Oil Foaming Cleanser, the Bliss Oh My Gommage! Gentle Polishing Cleanser and the No Dull Days Purifying Cleanser. The packaging is a short tube that twists up from the bottom similarly to deodorant, and closes securely with a twist-off cap. You get 1 oz of product for $15 (though I’ve spotted them cheaper at Target!) depending on the retailer, which is technically one of the cheapest when you consider oz-per-dollar cost.

The Bliss Cold Pressed Olive Oil Foaming Cleanser is made with more than 40% olive oil, so you get the benefits of oil cleansing without the mess! It offers a thorough cleanse while feeling gentle on the skin. The formula helps you break down grease, makeup and other dirt from the day and rinse it away in a flash. When the cleanser activates with water, you get a lather that helps it spread over your face. Out of the three stick cleansers available, this is the only one that is fragrance-free, making it great for all skin types— even sensitive.

The Bliss Oh My Gommage! Gentle Polishing Cleanser has a milkier appearance and contains plant-based fibers that grab onto dead skin cells so you can wash them away. The fibers are soft to the touch and not abrasive at all— you can see them slightly in the photo above, where I’ve pointed them out with arrows. Paired with the gentle oil formula, you don’t have to worry about over-scrubbing, making this okay for daily exfoliation. It leaves behind glowing and cleansed skin. This one has a somewhat classic soap smell to it, though it’s not strong. I’d like to point out that on the brand website, this is labelled as fragrance-free, but on Ulta Beauty’s website, Parfum (Fragrance) is listed in the ingredients and you can clearly smell it when you hover your nose right over the stick.

Finally, the Bliss No Dull Days Purifying Cleanser gets is dark appearance from the Oakwood charcoal in the formula, which attracts and absorbs toxins and oil. This is sort of like an all-in-one solution, as it cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes. I like this one because charcoal is a great ingredient for acne-prone and combo/oily skin. This lathers as well with a milky grey appearance, and has a scent that the brand calls Green Tea.

To use the Bliss cleansing sticks, you can apply them to either a dry or wet face. I like to remove my makeup with a wipe first, then splash my face with a little water prior to applying so they glide over my skin and start up the lather more easily. Then, I either use my hands or my Foreo Luna 2 to work the cleanser into my skin. After rinsing my skin feels clean, refreshed and balanced.

From using the Bliss cleansing sticks, I’ve determined that they aren’t just a gimmick, and they don’t sacrifice the formula for convenience. They’ve captured great formulas in a solid form that makes it the perfect carry-on companion. Not only are these great face washes for travel, but also the best face wash for after the gym if you need to get going right after your work out. Throw it in your gym bag, or even your purse, and you don’t have to worry about it leaking or getting messy. These are definitely my new go-tos when I’m on the move and need to keep up with my skin care routine.

You can find the Bliss Cleansing Sticks at Ulta Beauty.

Have you tried cleansing sticks?

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  1. Dima Al Mahsiri
    | Reply

    It is great to see such travel-friendly products!
    I would love to get my hands on a moisturizing stick, too. I have seen lots of homemade lotion bars, but unfortunately, most of these recipes are for dry skin, what about combination skin? Is there any moisturizing stick out there?

  2. Sandy Pincombe
    | Reply

    I love this review. Wish I had known about them earlier in the month when I vacationed in Folly Beach SC

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