What to Expect at a Blow Dry Bar

As the year starts to wind down, our schedules tend to do the exact opposite. Parties, dances and family get-togethers fill up our free time, and we always want to look our best. It can be really fun to go to the salon to get our hair done, but that can get expensive. However, with the recent rise in popularity of blow dry bars, we can pamper ourselves and look great without dipping into our holiday gift budget!

blow dry bar

If you’re in school and have Homecoming approaching, or just an event you want to get all dolled up for, blow dry bars are the perfect place to go for a professional styling. They only offer a few select services, mainly blowouts (obviously), and sometimes makeup. No cuts or coloring done here!

I recently took a trip to Blow Blow Blow, a blow dry and makeup bar in Woodland Hills to see what they had to offer. Like most blow dry bars, they had a relaxed yet upscale atmosphere. The staff was cheerful and passionate about making clients look their best. I met with Brittney, who was excited to work her magic on my crazy mane. Check out the before picture:

blow dry bar

Yikes, Miranda! Brush your hair, much?

Since customers are specifically there to get just one or two services done, you don’t have to worry about stylists running around trying to juggle multiple clients, which would normally make your appointment drag on. You are the main focus of a knowledgeable stylist who will wash your hair, and style you to picture-perfection; my appointment took a little over an hour and a half (Keep in mind, I have a lot of hair and I also got a deep conditioning treatment). Most of the stylists in the salon are also makeup artists, and can do a complete face makeup look on you.

blow dry bar

Popular blowout styles to choose from include soft waves, defined curls, or a sleek straightening. I opted for big, loose curls. Brittney washed and deep conditioned my hair to make it silky soft. She then gave me the blow-out, helping shape the style with a curling iron. She pinned my hair to set the curls, which she said would help them last longer and give them bounce. She was right, and I loved the finished product!

blow dry bar

Ahh, much better.

A blowout can last up to a week with the proper care. Dry shampoo is your best friend to keep that volume up for days.

Depending on where you are, blow dry bars can be pretty affordable compared to full-service salons. At Blow Blow Blow, a wash and blow out costs just $35, which seems to be the norm when it comes to pricing in these types of salons. You get to relax, be pampered, even drink (mimosas, anyone?), and walk out looking fabulous… all on a budget!

What to Expect at a Blow Dry Bar

What’s your blowout style of choice?




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