Walmart Beauty Box Launches for Fall

Looking for a review of the Walmart Beauty Box? See what came in mine in this post!

Color me intrigued… I’ve just found out about the launch of the Walmart Beauty Box. That’s right: another subscription you may or may not need— but this one is all about drugstore beauty products!


Walmart will be curating a selection of each season’s hottest products to be delivered to your doorstep for— get this— just the price of shipping! So technically, the products are all free, and you just pay five dollars for each of the four boxes that get delivered per year.

There hasn’t been a ton of information released from Walmart, nor have they even done much promoting for the service. However, from the picture of the box, it seems that there will be a mix of sample, deluxe sample, and full sizes. Since it will be a seasonal shipment, I’m hoping it will be chock-full of awesome drugstore goodies.

After signing myself up, I gave Walmart Customer Service a call for a bit more information. When you sign up now, you will receive the Fall box 5-7 days from your purchase date. Then, as long as you stay subscribed, you’ll receive the next boxes according to the season (approximately every 90 days, according to my confirmation email). I’m assuming the next box will come some time in December.

I’m excited to see what will come for Fall! I’ve wanted a box dedicated to drugstore beauty for a while, and for $5, you really can’t go wrong as long as there are a few full sizes included.

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Is this a subscription you’d be interested in trying out?



  1. So I signed up for this on 9/3, yesterday 9/12 would have been 7 business days and way over 5-7 days from purchase. I have not received any shipping info or the box. Anyone else?

  2. I signed up last week, but they had a glitch in the system and charged me 2x. I have been trying to reach customer service now for some response but nothing. I hope that they are not this difficult when it is time to cancel.

    • Actually, it shows the Covergirl Continuous Color lipstick which was discontinued a few years ago, so I don’t think this pic is a preview– but I feel like it may suggest that this has been something that has been in the works for a long time. Unless they’re sending us old products. LOL


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