Fall 2014 Walmart Beauty Box Review

    Buckle your seat belts, because this week is going to be full of subscription box reviews. This one you’ve actually been waiting for: the brand new Fall 2014 Walmart Beauty Box! Walmart quietly launched their own beauty subscription box that will ship seasonal boxes of the hottest drugstore products. The fall box was their first ever, and I’ve been anxiously waiting for it to arrive.

    Fall 2014 Walmart Beauty Box Review

    First off: the customer service rep originally told me that it would only take 5-7 days to get to me after placing my order, but in reality I waited two weeks flat. This was probably since they are still working out the kinks, being a new service and all. Either way, it finally came and I was actually pretty impressed with the contests!

    Fall 2014 Walmart Beauty Box Review

    Many were speculating whether the promotional photo alluded to what we would be getting in the Fall Walmart Beauty Box, and I can confirm that I did receive some of the items originally pictured. I’m also aware that there are two versions of the box… the one I received is definitely the better one in my opinion.

    Fall 2014 Walmart Beauty Box Review

    Product Breakdown:

    1. Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Makeup (Sample Packets, Retail: $13)
    We got a sample card that contained 8 individual use packets of different shades from the foundation line. I’ve heard a lot about this liquid foundation from multiple beauty bloggers, and it claims to improve the skin’s natural tone and texture. They also threw in a $2 coupon to put towards buying a full size bottle.

    2. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Fragrance (Sample Vial, Retail: $20)
    This is the first time I’ve smelled this fragrance, and I love the fruitiness! It has notes of vanilla, gardenia and mandarin for a bright, fresh scent. The vial is sort of inconvenient, though, because it is lacking a spray pump or any type of applicator. You just have to be very careful about pouring out a small amount.

    3. CoverGirl Glowing Nights Glosstinis in #LaserLight (Full Size, Retail: $2.99)
This polish is a translucent black that can be built up to full opacity. The cool thing about the Glowing Nights line is that they are supposed to be able to glow under black light! They also have a super glossy finish to still catch eyes during the day.

    4. L’Oreal Colour Riche Glossy Balm in Ginger Candy (Full Size, Retail: $7.99)
    This tinted lip balm offers a glossy pop of color in a convenient twist-up chubby pencil. Ginger Candy is definitely a nude shade for me, being a light peachy pink that is a bit sheer. It has a lightweight formula that glides on smoothly.

    5. L’Oreal Youth Code Pore Vanisher (Sample Packet, Retail: $25.99)
    I’m assuming this can be used as a primer, as it reduces the look of pores and claims to battle excess oil all day. It’s non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores as it blurs them. We only got enough in the packet for one application.

    6. Dove Pure Care Dry Oil for Hair (Sample Size, Retail: $12.99)
    Dear GOD does this stuff smell great! This is made from African Macadamia Oil and will nourish your hair for a silky smooth finish. This oil is lightweight, making it suitable for daily use with most hair types.

    7. Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner for Fine, Flat Hair (Sample Size, Retail: $5.79/bottle)
    So, I don’t think I’m the target customer for this specific line… considering I have thick, full hair! Although, I’m a huge fan of Dove hair care so I’m sure this will be great for those with hair that needs a bit of lift!

    8. Secret Clinical Strength Clear Gel Deodorant (Full Size, Retail: $9.99)
    This is actually one of my favorite deodorants, although I rarely purchase it because who has $10 to spend on deodorant (lol). I received a sample in my Beauty Box 5 months ago, and loved how effective it was during the longest days. The clear gel doesn’t leave any residue on clothes, and keeps me feeling fresh for hours of activity.

    The Walmart Beauty Box is technically a free subscription box— you just pay shipping, which is $5 flat. It’s definitely worth it, since we got three full sized items, two of which retail for more than the cost of the box. I’m happy with the products I got (a girl can’t ever have too many chubby lip pencils).

    The next box will be sent in December, and I hope they keep getting better from here! I’d love to see more full sized products, considering there are only 4 boxes a year. Either way, we certainly got our money’s worth. You can order the Walmart Beauty Box on their website.

    How do you think Walmart did for their first beauty box?



    1. Got my box today and its nothing like this. I got 4 tinfoil samples (2 hair, 2 body), a tiny aveeno body lotion sample, some ponds wipes (small) and a small ponds cream. Horrible Horrible Horrible box!!!!!!!!! No makeup at all 🙁

    2. I haven’t got mine and its been 2 months and 2 days since I ordered it they did pull the money out right away when I called the line was not active nor the website, I just hope its not another scam.

    3. i got my box but I didnt get the lip balm!! I signed up just for the lip balm! When I called the customer service, they were horrible, saying that what you got is random and I should not complain since I only paid shipping. I am so pissed off by her tone and her stupidity. She just couldn’t understand that I am getting 1 item less than everybody (I got all the other things as in your box except for the lip balm). She kept saying it’s due to age group. Anyway, she sent me off saying that she will call back, but of course she didn’t.
      I am going to call again tomorrow.

    4. Just got mine! Pretty much identical to yours, though I got the #GetGlowing shade of nail polish. So far I’m pleased! I actually managed to break the glossy balm upon opening it, but that’s just user error 😛

    5. I’m beginning to think I’m not getting mine! This box looks great but it’s been almost 3 weeks since I signed up. People that signed up 9 or more days after me are getting their boxes but not me. I hope everyone else has better luck.

    6. I’m a little confused by the retail values listed:

      5. L’Oreal Youth Code Pore Vanisher (Sample Packet, Retail: $25.99)

      Are you saying the sample packet is worth $25.99?


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