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Using a Humidifer for Healthy Hair & Skin

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December 9, 2015

Would you believe me when I tell you that the best beauty product I’ve used this winter isn’t a beauty product at all? I’ve been talking about getting a humidifier for a very long time because of my struggles with dry scalp, dry skin and dry hair. Basically, during winter, I literally feel like Spongebob when he goes into Sandy’s house without a water helmet.

Well, I finally got my hands on a humidifier, but not just any old one! I’ve been using the Dyson AM10 Humidifier and it’s the best thing since pre-soaked makeup removing q-tips. It packs the power and sleek style of a Dyson fan, and uses the same forward-thinking technology the brand is known for to make the best humidifier I’ve seen.

So what can a humidifier do for you, beauty-wise? 9 out of 10 dermatologists recommend humidifiers for dry skin, since an environment with 40-60% humidity can soothe dryness and help alleviate any itchniess. Higher humidity levels are also suggested to help conditions like eczema, which I have been plagued with more than ever this season. I will say that when I run the humidifier, my skin does NOT feel like it’s about to shed off from dryness for once. It feels comfortable and normal, which I don’t take for granted anymore.

Humidifiers will also help with dry eyes or chapped lips— two things I can’t STAND. Adam likes to run the fan at night, and I often wake up with lips about to crack. The humidifier helps tenfold because it not only keeps us cool, but does it without drying me out. On top of that, it will help hair retain its natural moisture which will lead to strong and healthy locks. I’ve definitely seen less breakage than winter’s past, with my ends feeling softer as well, and my curls are forever thankful.

The Dyson AM10’s best feature, in my opinion, is the Ultraviolet Cleanse technology, which kills 99.9% of bacteria before the mist is projected into the room. This is very important, considering I’m aiming for clear and healthy skin (which partly relies on a clean environment), I’m living with a boyfriend with allergies and a sensitive kitty. I also love that it’s extremely quiet; I always forget I even have it on! It can actually run for 18 hours straight before needing a refill of water, which is really convenient.

The only downside to this particular humidifier is the size and location requirements as far as where you can put it. It’s rather large, which is great when you’re trying to humidify an entire room, but the manual says it needs to be on a flat surface. Not carpet, not hardwood, and not anywhere it might get wet like the bathroom or kitchen. So… that leaves this bad boy to rest on my dining room table, which is kind of awkward.

All in all, having a humidifier in general has helped keep my skin and hair from freaking out like it normally does this time of year, especially since it’s been more sensitive in recent years.

The Dyson AM10 Humidifier is definitely an investment, but you are getting what you pay for in terms of performance and quality. Plus, they’re at Bed Bath and Beyond where you can always use one of those handy 20% off coupons from their email newsletters 🙂

Do you use a humidifier in your home? Does it make a difference?

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  1. Miki Nyckel
    | Reply

    Interesting … I live in a dry part of Canada, the dryness doesn’t bother me. But you make a good case for investing in a humidifier! I think I am going to look into this 🙂

  2. cybelesays
    | Reply

    I swear by my humidifier in the winter months!

    • Miranda | SlashedBeauty.com
      | Reply

      Seriously… I just spent the holiday with my mom in the mountains where it’s SO dry and I was missing mine!

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