Three Time Saving New York Fashion Week Beauty Trends

Three Time Saving New York Fashion Week Beauty Trends

Although New York Fashion Week came to a close last week, the beauty looks from the runway are anything but gone. Interestingly enough, some of the most recurring trends that models were sporting happened to be low-maintenance looks that are easy to recreate at home. According to Gucci Westman, “Easy is the big thing this season. It’s less complicated and more real.” This is great news for those of us who want to both stay on trend and save time! You’ll definitely find me wearing these three popular runway styles this year.


Rolando Santana / J. Mendel

Why did the ponytail get a bad rap for being lazy over the years? This year, several different designers showcased models wearing sleek, tight ponies. Some spiced up the style with texture, loose waves and hidden elastics. I’ve always felt sort of plain wearing ponies, but now minimal is in!

Natural, Fresh Makeup

Calvin Klein / Ralph Lauren

We’ve been hearing a lot about “no makeup” makeup this year, and the runway just solidified that it’s here to stay. Fresh, natural-as-you-can-be-while-still-looking-like-a model faces dominated the catwalks. The two features that stood out among these easy going looks were dewy skin, and defined eyebrows. Time to break out those BB creams!

Negative Space Nails

Three Time Saving New York Fashion Week Beauty Trends Three Time Saving New York Fashion Week Beauty Trends

Zoya for Zimmerman / Essie for Delpozo

No, I’m not talking intergalactic designs, but rather using your bare nail as part of the nail art! I especially liked Zoya’s curve design (pictured on the left above), where a curve of nail polish was placed only onto one third of the nail, and the moon manicure by Essie that kept the polish close to the cuticle, with the rest of the nail blank. Imagine how much time you’ll save– you don’t even have to paint your whole nail!

What was your favorite 2014 New York Fashion Week beauty trend?



  1. I love ponys and I was so excited to see the negative nail space nails. So perfect for when you’re rushing out the door. I hope it really takes off beyond FW.

  2. I am obsessed with the ponytail and the ‘no makeup’ look. Simple lately is totally in. I am assuming since celebs came out with the whole “iwokelikethis” look. The negative space nails look cool, but I am so afraid it will just look like chipped nail art on me. Great tips

  3. I love the wavy pony!! The negative space nails are such a cool concept too. I need to wrap my brain around doing a mani like that!

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