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The Best Hair Ties for Thick Hair: Sugar Twists

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May 24, 2017

Thick hair problems are real, y’all. Especially when it comes to getting it out of your face. A typical girl’s go-to: a ponytail. Seems easy enough, right? WRONG.

With thick or dense hair, ponytails or topknots become slow torture. With a conventional hair tie, I have to wrap my hair three times— sometimes four if it’s particularly stretched out. When I get it looking sleek, it’s only a matter of a couple hours until my temples start throbbing. You can also forget about trying to re-style it after wearing it up. Dents are extra prominent with a thick head of hair.

So how do I manage everyday updos? Milk & Sass Sugar Twists. These coiled hair ties are actually great for all hair types, but can seriously solve a lot of #thickhairprobz. The stretchy spiral ties go in like normal hair ties, but their unique shape grips the hair in place with a stronger hold and no slip. This means you usually don’t need to wrap them around the hair more than twice, helping to avoid headaches. Since the coils are grabbing your hair like a comb instead of applying pressure in one spot, you’re also left with little to no denting. Taking them out is easy since the pressure is distributed, so I don’t have to worry about breakage as much, either.

I know there are other brands who have similar hair ties, and while I’ve tried them, the Sugar Twists always win. What makes the biggest difference? The fact that they hardly lose their shape over time. Even my most used ones always return back to their original shape & size, maintaining their strength. Immediately after you take one out of your hair, it will appear stretched out. When left alone for a couple hours, though, they return to their original size and tension. You also get the most hair ties per pack that I’ve seen among other similar products, making them the best value at $7.99 for six twists.

I have been exclusively using Sugar Twists for everyday ponies and topknots for almost two years now. Any other hair tie just doesn’t play nicely with my hair. I’m surprised that I haven’t mentioned them more on the blog, but when they sent me their latest colors I knew I had to change that. I’ve turned several close friends on to these, and they thank me constantly. I wear them for casual styles, for running errands, and especially at the gym.

If you have issues with normal hair ties slipping or causing headaches and breakage, give Sugar Twists a chance: they might just change your life!

As a side note, Milk & Sass also just released their Macaron Detangling Hairbrushes. They’re compact with a cover that has a mirror inside— perfect for throwing in your purse for on-the-go grooming. I’m usually pretty skeptical of these types of brushes, again because of how much hair I have. I was surprised to find this actually worked through my mane easily.

The bristles alternate between long and short to work out knots, with a good balance between flexible and firm to gently detangle. It’s the only compact detangler that doesn’t take forever to get through my hair. I’m totally keeping this in my purse, along with some Sugar Twists, for when I need to put my hair up when I’m out and about.

You can find the Milk & Sass Sugar Twists for $7.99 a pack. The Macaron Dentangling Brush & Compacts are $14.99 each.

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