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Hair Hack: How to Add Volume Quickly

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May 23, 2017

Thanks got2b for sponsoring this post! All opinions my own.

Hi, I’m Miranda and I don’t know what the heck to do with my hair.

For years, I spent an hour every morning straightening my hair. I completely rejected my texture and waves… which meant I actually had no idea what my true hair type was. All I knew is that I had a lot of it.


I personally think my dense hair can tend to appear a little lifeless when left alone. It falls close to my face, but has a lot of texture which sometimes translates into messy. However, I’ve really been trying to lay off the hot tools lately. I want my hair to grow out healthier, which includes embracing what my hair naturally looks like. In an effort to help me style my hair in a way that I felt polished and pretty, I discovered that all I needed was a little volume boost for a va-va-voom look that I love.

I’ve been using the got2b VOLUMANIAC Root Lifting Spray and I’m loving the results. It’s my new favorite way to add volume to your hair quickly, since I don’t have to do any potentially dangerous backcombing. Not only does it add crazy volume to the hair, but it also has hold to it so your style will last all day.

VOLUMANIAC Root Lifting Spray is meant to be added to damp hair— so you can easily spritz it in after your shower and see the results as your hair dries. You’re left with lifted roots and more body throughout your hair. However, sometimes I need a lift between washes, which is where my hack comes in for adding volume quickly and refreshing limp hair.

First, I lightly dampen my roots with water. Next, I give myself a quick scalp massage before finger combing my hair through the tips. At this point, I grab the spray and spritz it onto my roots. I be sure to get the top of my head, but also down the sides and back for even coverage. Then, I very lightly add a couple of sprays to the rest of my hair and shake it out with my fingers.


Because my hair was only just barely damp, it air dries rather quickly. Though, you can always help speed up the process with a blast from the blow dryer. As it’s drying, I shake out the roots a couple times with my fingers. Once dry, my hair has that tousled voluminous look that is effortless. The boost of volume makes my natural waves look great in a style I want to show off— not hide or flatten! I also do this hair hack mid-week when the style needs refreshing. It takes all of 5 minutes, and my hair gets breathe without backcombing or hot tools.

This 5-minute, one-product hair hack is easy to fit into any routine. Plus, the got2b VOLUMANIAC Root Lifting Spray is incredibly affordable. Check it out, plus other got2b products that can help you embrace your true style, on their website.

How do you style your hair to embrace its natural look?

7 Responses

  1. glamorable
    | Reply

    Love the boost of volume! You have gorgeous hair before and after 🙂

  2. mybeautyjunction
    | Reply

    You have the most gorgeous hair! I’ve been trying to embrace my natural texture as well, but it turns too frizzy if I do LOL.

  3. cosmeticsanctuary
    | Reply

    I haven’t seen that before! I’ll need to try it out!

  4. MarciaF
    | Reply

    I have hair envy! You look amazing.

  5. inmyprime50
    | Reply

    I will definitely check this out!!

  6. Erika
    | Reply

    Your hair looks great!

  7. kissmytulle
    | Reply

    It never occurred to me to get my scalp wet first. Thanks!

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