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How I Shave My Face for Better Makeup Application

Check out my face-shaving routine. Yep, I shave my face to give myself better results with my makeup! Here's how to remove facial hair painlessly for better makeup application.

Why Using The Right Razor Matters

Is shaving a chore for you? You might be using the wrong razor. Check out the newest from Gillette Venus and how it's changing up the routine.

Last Minute Beauty Tip: How to Shave Legs in 3 Minutes

When you need to shave quickly, try these tips so you end up with smooth skin-- not redness and bumps. It'll only take you 3 minutes a leg!

How to Get Smooth Legs and Enjoy “Me” Time

This post (and smooth legs) brought to you by Skintimate and SocialStars. All opinions are my own. #SkintimateStars I'll be upfront: I'm a busy...

Beauty and Body Hair: One Artist’s Perspective

I'm going to take a wild guess and say that if you’re a woman, shaving comes as a second nature to you. A pesky...

REVIEW: Dorco Shai Soft Touch Razor

Let's kick off the end of No-Shave November (what... you didn't participate? ;)) by talking about this inexpensive razor brand: Dorco. Dorco offers razors...