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Last Minute Beauty Tip: How to Shave Legs in 3 Minutes

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August 10, 2017

I was asked by Carusele to participate in the Skintimate® #NeverMissASpot campaign at Target. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

Everyone warned me about it, but I don’t know if I was truly ready for Summer in Vegas. It’s been at least 112 degrees consistently every day, which means I’m wearing… hardly anything. I’m in shorts and tanks 24/7, which means I’m always showing skin, which means I’m always shaving.

Now I’ll be honest: if I know I’m going to stay in all day, I don’t mind a little stubble growing out. But there have been several times where I find myself making last minute plans without much time to groom. I personally prefer to have smooth and hair-free legs when they’re making a public appearance, and I’ve mastered the last minute shave because of it.

Keep reading to find out the best way to shave your legs when you need to get out the door ASAP.

1. Run Your Leg Under Hot Water

Hot water softens the hair on your legs, making them easier to shave. If you don’t have time to take a full shower, be sure to run your legs under the faucet prior to shaving. This also helps to remove any oils on the legs, ensuring a closer shave that looks great, despite rushing through it!

2. Always Use Shave Gel

It may be super tempting to skip shave gel when you’re in a rush, but let me stop you right there. Shave gel will help your razor grab the hair while gliding across your skin.

In order to streamline my routine, I use the Skintimate® Skin Hydrating Shave Gel with Shea Butter, which contains Vitamin E and Shea Butter for soothing hydration. It foams up quickly and makes my legs feel good enough to run out the door, straight out of the shower. Take the extra 30 seconds to lather some onto your legs when doing a last minute shave, and you’ll save yourself time in the long run. I also find it easier to see if I’ve missed a spot when using shaving gel. Be sure to head to Target for 5% off of a two-pack of Skintimate® Skin Hydrating Shave Gel with Shea Butter in-store, running from July 30-August 19!

3. Use a New(er) Razor with 3-4 Blades

Ditch the dull razor! Worn out razors will slow down your shave, and are more likely to cause bumps. Make sure you’re using a razor or razor cartridge no more than a few weeks old. You’ll also want to stick to razors with 3-4 blades, which will help shave more hair in one swipe. Any less, you could be stuck going over the same spot several times which wastes time and can irritate sensitive skin.

4. Rinse Cold, Then Pat

Once you’ve finished shaving, rinse off your legs in cold water. This helps close your pores and locks in the moisture from the Skintimate® Shave Gel. Then, instead of rubbing dry with a towel, dab dry. When I do this, I feel less of a need to slather on a ton of lotion after I’m out of the shower. Once I’m dry, I can throw on my outfit and run!

These last minute shaving tips have helped me get ready in a snap when I’ve forgotten (or been too lazy) to groom in advance. The best part is, I’m not sacrificing smooth and moisturized legs. They look great and feel great in the shortest of shorts in no time at all.

Be sure to take advantage of the Skintimate® offer in-store at Target so you can keep the Skintimate® Skin Hydrating Shave Gel with Shea Butter on hand throughout summer and into fall! It’ll be your new go-to for fast and moisturized healthy-looking legs.

Do you have any last minute shaving tips to get out the door fast with smooth skin?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Skintimate at Target. The opinions and text are all mine.