Seven Best Hair Removal Tools on Amazon

It’s warming up, and now that Spring Break has come and gone, everyone’s itching for Summer! With our sweatpants being stored and the daisy dukes coming out to play, hair removal is on the brain.

While I’m an advocate for doing whatever you want with your own body hair, I know many women who prefer a smooth look when flaunting skin. I also know many women who prefer to groom on their own vs. going to salons. There are so many different body hair removal tools that can deliver the results you want at home. Here are seven that I plucked from the top of the Amazon ranks.

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1. Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Pack | These are the OG facial hair razors. They’re a perfect slanted shape to get precise with stray brow hairs, as well as the upper lip area. Many people use these to get rid of peach fuzz around the cheeks and sideburns for smoother makeup application.

2. Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x | I’ve personally tried this one, and you can read about my experience here. This is a heavy duty, FDA-approved laser that will give you similar results as going to a clinic. Over several weeks, it completely eliminated hair growth in some spots, and in other areas my hair is growing back extremely thin and slowly. I actually plan on using this again to finish the process this year. See my results I got after three months here.

3. Hair Off Remover Mittens | I used to use these after I first started shaving, since they were easier and didn’t involve potential cuts. This hair remover mitten basically sands off your hair while exfoliating your skin for a smooth finish. You don’t need water or creams, so you can do it out of the shower.

4. Silk’n Flash&Go Compact | This compact laser hair removal device is great for smaller areas such as the upper lip, underarms and bikini line. Because of it’s size, it’s great for travel, and is on the more affordable side when it comes to laser devices.

5. Bellesentials Facial Hair Threading Tool | This manual epilator uses its spiraling coil design to pull hair from the roots for long-lasting hair-free results. It can also pull several hairs at once for a quicker finish. I’ve used one of these a couple times and while it’s extremely effective, it can sting… so those with very low pain tolerance may want to take a pass.

6. BodyHonee Sugar Wax | My personal favorite at-home waxing solution, BodyHonee Sugar Wax is made of all natural ingredients. It’s made with natural avocado oil as well, which helps nourish and soften the skin while it works. Check out my results using this wax here.

7. Philips Satinelle Epilator | This epilator removes hair from the root while being gentle on the skin. There are two speed settings and a cap for more sensitive areas. Unlike a manual epilator, you can use this one-handed and do larger areas such as the legs or arms, just by running over the skin. No learning curve and caters to different hair lengths.

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What’s your favorite hair removal tool?

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