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Rimmel Magnif’eyes Double Ended Shadow + Liners

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June 28, 2016

A couple months ago I was excited to find out that Rimmel was putting out these double ended eye shadow and liner duos. I love multi-purpose products, and it had been a hot minute since I found a liner I was crazy about from the drugstore.

The Rimmel Magnif’eyes Double Ended Shadow + Liners come in five duos currently, and they immediately became part of my weekly rotation. With the Stay True shadow on one end and the 24-HR Kohl Kajal Liner on the other, these help you achieve the most low-maintenance eye looks that last.

I’m not kidding when I say these might be up there with the best of the best cream shadows and kohl liners in the drugstore. They glide onto the skin with pigment you usually only find with high end products, and blend like a dream. You get a solid two minute window to blend and smudge to your heart’s content until they set– and once they set, they don’t budge.

That’s right, even without primer, these are crease-free, smudge-proof and waterproof. I’ve been using them both alone and as bases for other eyeshadows because they’re so long lasting. With primer though, you get nothing less than strong, gorgeous color that’s not going anywhere. I’m also grabbing them when I want a really easy two-step eye makeup look that I don’t have to worry about touching up. Most have shimmer or metallic finishes, but still give dimension to the eye when blended out. They’re perfect for these hot summer days when I don’t have the patience for makeup that can’t stand the heat.

Watch the video above to hear my entire review and see live swatches

Left to right: Dark Side of Blue, Queens of the Bronzed Age, Kissed By A Rose Gold, Pink & Purple Rain, and Back to Blacks

Literally my only complaint with these is that because they’re so soft, you have to apply with a very light hand otherwise you run the risk of breaking the liner tips or smooshing the shadow stick into the tube. You really need the smallest effort to get 100% opaque color, so it just takes a little getting used to.

These sell for between $6-$7 in drugstores, which is ridiculous considering the formula is one I’d expect from prestige brands. They’re must-haves for me this season, especially while traveling when I don’t want to bother with my normal all-out routine.

What’s your favorite way to use these?

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  1. Joyce Chitwood
    | Reply

    I love the video. I have to pick these up ASAP. I really into stick forms of eye shadows and etc. that blue is so pretty. But I think I want them all. Maybe not the black one right away till I use up the one I have now. But who knows. I may have to go ahead. Thanku so so much for sharing and letting us know about these. I have seen them but had not heard a lot about them. Since I love stick eye shadows. These r going to be mine. Have to make a trip to Walmart anyway. Lol. So must look for them. Thank u so much again.

  2. Jenny
    | Reply

    These sound wonderful! I love the convenience of both sides and that they twist up! I have to try these out!


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