Quick Review & Swatches: SinfulColors Full Throttle Collection

I’ve been dabbling in textured polishes lately, and while I’m not sure I prefer them over a smooth, shiny finish, they definitely add some variety to my manicures. If you’re looking for some textured polishes to try on a dime, perhaps you’d enjoy the Full Throttle collection from SinfulColors for Summer 2014. These have a “rubberized” texture that looks like subtle, small dimples on the surface.

Sneak Peak Swatches: SinfulColors Full Throttle Collection - Burn Rubber

Burn Rubber is a safety-cone orange. It reminds me very much of an actual orange (like, the fruit) because of the bumpy texture.

Sneak Peak Swatches: SinfulColors Full Throttle Collection - Race Rubber

Race Rubber is a deep, bold burgundy shade. This one was a bit tricky, because the shade deepens with each layer, so you have to be pretty precise each time to get an even application.

Sneak Peak Swatches: SinfulColors Full Throttle Collection - Rubber Ball

Rubber Ball is a vibrant, mid-toned pink. This shade applied with full coverage in just one layer.

I’m not sure if this texture is what I think about when I imagine “rubberized.” I think it resembles concrete more, no? Either way, the shades are vibrant and still maintain a shiny finish. I found it much more suitable to apply in thin layers, otherwise the polish has a hard time settling into the texture and drying down.

Find these shades and the rest of the SinfulColors Full Throttle collection at Rite Aid for $1.99 each throughout July.

What’s your favorite variation of nail polish texture?



  1. I haven’t tried any of the rubberized textures yet. I think it would look like a ‘fail’ on me.

  2. I love texturized nail polish’s concept but I have only one of this kind (totally matt).
    These look like a nice compromise as they’re still so shiny… Rubber Ball is cool and I like Burn Rubber too but it isn’t my go to colour.
    Have a nice day!!!

  3. Like others and like you said, textured polishes aren’t my favorite though in a glitter polish it’s OK. I like the orange shade. Gotta try Sinful one of these days

  4. I like most textured polishes, though I usually prefer the glittery ones. Not sure I’ve ever seen this version of ‘rubber’ finish, but now I’m curious!

  5. I’m usually just a fan of the regular nail polish finish, I’ll like the textured finish of other polishes for a minute but then just want to get it off!

  6. Burn Rubber is sooooooo pretty and fun for summer. I always go for dark shades like race rubber but I think I need that orange for sure. Beautiful and such cute names. lol

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