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REVIEW & SWATCHES: Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection

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July 2, 2014

In the sea of neons that many brands are releasing for summer, Sally Hansen is bringing pastels back for their Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Electric Summer collection. These eight beachy shades will compliment any tan (or lack there-of) with light and bright, shiny color.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection, Pearl UpPearl Up is a milky white with a slight pink undertone.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection, FloatiesFloaties is a beige-peach shade that is very clean and elegant.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection, Teeny BikiniTeeny Bikini is a wearable, cool-toned banana yellow.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection, Peach BabeDespite its name, Peach Babe is more of a flamingo pink.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection, You're CrabbyI can’t find any other words to describe You’re Crabby, besides strawberry-milkshake pink… you get me? It’s only a wee bit darker than Peach Babe.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection, Kelp YourselfKelp Yourself is a beautiful mint green. This color will always be a summer staple of mine in beauty and clothing!

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection, Wet SuitWet Suit is a sky blue shade.

REVIEW & SWATCHES: Sally Hansen Electric Summer Collection, Water OrchidWater Orchid is a light lavender (my favorite color), and probably my favorite in the collection, of course.

Pearl Up, Floaties, and Teeny Bikini all lean more towards a crelly formula, needing three coats for full opacity. The rest have a smooth cream finish, needing just two coats. The consistency is very nice– thin enough to layer, but no pooling in the cuticles.

These are all limited edition shades for Summer 2014, and will be widely available for $2.99 in drugstores nationwide starting in July.

Do you prefer these muted pastels to the popular neons this season?

36 Responses

  1. luvsbeauti41
    | Reply

    These are at Walgreens on the newer display 2 for $4…I had to get them:)

  2. thebeesknees
    | Reply

    I’m in nyc and i just picked up the whole collection last week. So keep your eyes out! Im not usually a pastel fan, theyre always streaky and i feel like they can wash out my pale skin but these have a dusty quality that i love! Not mention the fantastic formula. Add to that the price and it’s a definite must have in my book!

    • Oh, I totally agree. These are sooo easy for me to apply because the formula is great and doesn’t pool or slip or slide.

  3. luvsbeauti41
    | Reply

    Kelp yourself is my shade choice:)

  4. Mai
    | Reply

    I really like Floaties, the peach looks super summery!

  5. Pearl Up is gorgeous.

  6. Sheila Arkee
    | Reply

    Ooh! I need Floaties and Kelp Yourself.

  7. Betzy Carmona
    | Reply

    Peach Babe is way to pretty !

  8. Nidia Doherty
    | Reply

    I have a weakness for coral/peach shades.. but I think the lavender might be my fave of this collex! Nice swatches!

  9. mynewestaddiction
    | Reply

    loving the pretty pastels

  10. Cindi
    | Reply

    Oh I love them all! Thank goodness they are budget priced.

  11. Justina
    | Reply

    These are such refreshing pastel shades. I really like them all!

  12. Lydia B.
    | Reply

    Oh gosh, I am really loving every single one of these colors! So glad they’re inexpensive!

    • Aren’t they pretty? They could definitely double as spring shades, too, so the small investment is well worth it 🙂

  13. $53114368
    | Reply

    Love the minty green and the yellow!

  14. Allison @neversaydiebeauty
    | Reply

    Several of those lovely pastels are now on my “to buy” list!

  15. loveforlacquer
    | Reply

    OMG I need this entire collection!

  16. beautybymissl
    | Reply

    Lovely shades! These would be nice addition to my “small” nail polish collection 😀

  17. Ange
    | Reply

    UM I need to find these right now.

  18. jamie @makeuplifelove
    | Reply

    Those shades are awesome. I love every one of them. Looks like to CVS I go. Nail polish time. Lol

  19. Phyrra
    | Reply

    I really like the look of Floaties. Great swatches. The names are cute.

  20. Pastels are cute! And I’ll admit that the name “Kelp Yourself” made me giggle a little bit. 🙂

  21. Lena C
    | Reply

    Love, love, love these. I’ve seen people talking about them online since late June but none of the drugstores I’ve been to have them (CVS, rite aid, walgreens). Has anyone seen them in stores yet?

  22. Katie M
    | Reply

    my favourite drug store nail polish, so pigmented that you don’t need to do 3 coats to get the color you want. Such a great formula

    • They’re great! I only found that you needed 2-3 with the lighter colors. The darker ones you could almost pull off with one coat! 🙂 Which is your fave?

  23. Brittany
    | Reply

    Something about these looked different to me, but the XTREME is larger. Right? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me? Either way…love ’em!

  24. Noelle
    | Reply

    Floaties is gorgeous! I love all of them.

  25. Destany
    | Reply

    In love with some of these colors!

  26. BeautyJudy
    | Reply

    I’m totally loving neons right now, but I do love a good pastel that makes my skin pop! I can’t decide which one I love most here but maybe Kelp Yourself and Wet Suit!

  27. Eugenia
    | Reply

    I love them all! I can’t pick a favorite!

  28. Kim Porter
    | Reply

    Love Pearl Up, Kelp Yourself and Teeny Bikini

  29. Jessica W
    | Reply

    Kelp Yourself is definitely my favorite, but I like Floaties as well!

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