Lotion with a Purpose: Lush Charity Pot Review

Lush Charity Pot Lotion

Over the past few months I’ve been trying out many Lush brand favorites for the first time, thanks to my friend Christine who bought me a handful of their items for Christmas. Although I used up my slice of the Snowcake soap too quickly to review, I wanted to talk about one of their hand lotions that do good things for more than just your skin.


Charity Pot is a hand and body lotion that contributes to a good cause with each purchase. 100% of the price goes to various grassroots organizations that are in need of a little help to continue doing their work. Most charities align with Lush’s core values of environmental conservation, animal welfare, and human rights.

My little jar of Charity Pot supported the Animal Alliance of Canada, whose mission is to protect all animals and the environment through politics, education and rescue. I hear that! Christine is a vegan and all around animal lover, and I’m glad she chose this specific cause when choosing which jar to get for me. Although, I did notice that Lush misprinted the organization’s website on the label. To find out more about the Animal Alliance of Canada, go to AnimalAlliance.ca.


The lotion itself is made with cocoa butter, almond oil, and ylang ylang. It has a thin, creamy consistency but surprisingly offers intense moisture that can last about two hours (I am OCD about washing my hands throughout the day, so it will probably last longer on a normal person, ha). Either way, it makes my skin feel really soft, smooth, and it soothes dry patches. I’ve incorporated it into my home manicure routine, since it also improves the appearance of my cuticles.

I must say, though, the scent of Charity Pot took some getting used to. The first thing that came to mind was diaper ointment… I honestly can’t describe it any other way. It’s not medicinal… it’s just a bit heavy and also lingers.

My little container costs $5.95 for 1.7 oz of product, but they also sell larger “pots” at $22.95 for 8 oz of product. Either way, it’s all going to benefit a great cause. I wonder if this counts as a tax write off…? Despite the smell, I would certainly purchase this for the great moisturizing benefits as well as supporting different organizations. You can buy it in stores or online at Lush.com.

What is your favorite Lush product? I’ve only just started to explore the brand, and would love to hear suggestions!



  1. I love LUSH! I haven’t tried the Charity Pot but it sounds nice. I love their powders, Snowcake, Fairy Dust anything, Lemony Flutter cuticle butter, and the perfumes too. Oh the massage bars are amazing too!

  2. I need to put this on my list to try. I am slowly using up my 5 pots to trade in for my next visit when I go. It takes me a while because my LUSH is over a 2 hour drive away. I love their products. 😉

  3. I love Lush! I have an order right now I am waiting on! It is my first time ordering with them online and it is taking a while. But, I know the wait will be worth it. I love their bath bombs and the 9 to 5 face cleanser is an awesome makeup remover.

  4. I’m a fan of Lemony Flutter. There was a time when I had all the women in my department hooked on the stuff. LUSH is a singular fabulous experience. The closest one is about 30 miles away, but I’d prefer to be accosted by the whole Return to the Sixties Vibe that is LUSH, than order online. 🙂 Happy Almost Valentines Day, sweetie! <3

  5. Oh I agree, I can’t get last my nose on this one. Lush has other moisturizers I like that are effective if rather sniff those lol

  6. I’m going to get one of those, because I love LUSH and all the various charities they support. Don’t think I can dish out $23 for the big jar, but I at least can grab the little pot 🙂 Thank you for the review!


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