6 Easy Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Have you discovered life hacks? They’re unexpectedly genius solutions to life problems that make things so much easier. Being beauty obsessed, I’ve discovered some great beauty hacks that can be a savior if you’re caught in a pickle. Or, if you’re low on cash, these might help in between picking up replacements for staple products!

6 Easy Beauty Hacks Every Girl Should Know

1. Save your Mascara Wands
Whenever you finish a mascara, keep the wand! Wash it off thoroughly, and use it as a brow spoolie. If a specific wand does wonders for your lashes, you might find it useful for applying other mascaras with. Due to regulations, there are actually a limited number of ingredients that can be incorporated into mascara- which means more often than not, your favorite mascara works so well because of the wand!

2. Vaseline as Makeup Remover
So you used your last makeup remover wipe last night and forgot to go get more… do you have some Vaseline in your cupboard? Vaseline is pretty much a wonder product and has tons of uses, but I have specifically found it handy to use as a makeup remover. It can tackle even your most waterproof eye products. It simultaneously moisturizes your skin while sliding your makeup right off!

3. Translucent Powder for Oily Roots
So maybe you’re a little late jumping on the dry shampoo train. Well, you can put off buying your ticket for a bit longer with this beauty hack. If your hair is feeling a bit oily, dust some translucent powder onto your roots with a fluffy face brush. This will absorb the oil without adding too much of a powdery look. Be sure to wash the brush before using it on your face again, though.

4. Hairspray as Brow Gel
This is a trick I’ve been doing since I started wearing makeup back in middle school. If you don’t have any brow gel lying around, spray some hair spray onto a Q-Tip or a spoolie, then brush over your brows. I suggest a flexible hold spray so that the hairs don’t look so stiff, but still stay in place.

5. Mascara as Eyeliner
If you’re out of eyeliner or just want to switch it up, load some mascara onto a precision/angled brush by sweeping it over the bristles of a mascara wand. Apply it just as you would a liquid or cream eyeliner.

6. Save a Towel, Use a T-Shirt
It turns out that normal towels are a bit too rough for your hair. The common terry cloth fabric can cause breakage and unwanted frizziness. Instead, dry your hair with a soft cotton t-shirt after your shower. It will absorb excess water while being gentle on your hair.

Happy hacking!


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  1. Instead of Vaseline, use coconut oil or olive oil. It’s works just as good without clogging your pores. Plus it moisturizers your skin.

    1. My mom used to tell me “This is how Marilyn Monroe took off her makeup!” Not sure if it was true or not but I like to think it is!

      1. Hey!
        I know this thread is a year old lol but it caught my eye 🙂
        Marilyn Monroe actually used Vaseline on her face to achieve that beautiful glow that she has in her photo’s. I want to say that she mainly applied it on her cheeks, brow bone, and her cupids bow (She treated it like a high lighter).She used to do her own makeup, and had many awesome makeup tricks that are not common in todays beauty world. 🙂
        So, she did use it as a part of her beauty routine, but in a different way. 🙂 (Unless she also used it to remove her makeup.. i’ll have to look that up. It wouldn’t surprise me though!)
        love your blog btw 😉

  2. I like the tee shirt tip. I use a special hair towel and never rub but if it’s in the laundry this would be a great alternative

  3. I never thought to save the mascara wand, which is unusual, because I’m such a hoarder. One more thing to save! lol. I’d read about the tshirt idea, but keep forgetting it. I bought a DevaCurl towel to use for my hair, and I like that, too, but it’s a little small to wrap all my hair up. Maybe I’ll wrap it up in a tshirt!

    1. One way I used to wrap my hair in a shirt when I had extensions was use the neck hole as sort of a head band, and let the rest of the shirt fall over my hair… twist & knot at the top with a hair band!

  4. I love a good beauty hack. I have been doing the mascara wand saving since I was a teenager, although with all the testing I have to do these days I don’t get to whip out my trusty favourites as often.

  5. I have definitely used Vaseline as a makeup remover in a pinch… it’s way better than just trying your luck with soap and water! The T-shirt hack is interesting, I may have to give that a try…

  6. I saved a few of my favorite wands before tossing the mascara. It’s a great tip that I also recommended to others many times! 🙂

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